In a city where we hear devastating news relating to murders, kidnaps and rapes more often than we hear happier stories, it has indeed, become a necessity to reconsider the position that we place our children in. Are they really safe commuting to and fro in school buses? Are they safe in havens we call classrooms? Are they safe outside the protected walls of schools?

To ensure the safety and security of our children and to address the apprehensions of parents, we need to look into the issues that are causing these problems and find suitable solutions for the same.

One of the biggest issues concerning student safety is the lack of proper pathways and footpaths to walk on, consequently, resulting in deaths of many. A safe route to school should be constructed and proper sign boards should be put in place. It is necessary for speed breakers to be present on roads outside the school to minimize the chances of road accidents due to over speeding.

Bad school infrastructure is another reason why causalities occur. Better infrastructure in schools should be made as a priority to ensure maximum safety and the minimum probability of accidents. Similarly, provision for safe drinking water and clean canteen food should be made available in all schools, colleges, and institutes. Unclean water and food may pave for diseases like typhoid, jaundice, and malaria.

Schools should ensure that kids should have proper training in disaster management. Workshops explaining what to do in situations of fire or earthquakes should be held and children should be made aware of the proper disaster management methods. Also, the school authorities should ensure safety in and around campus. The kids should be made aware of the proper emergency numbers as this will be highly beneficial for students as well as the staff. Emergency numbers of police, ambulance and principle must be made available. Injuries can happen at any moment; therefore, provision of a proper clinic must also be made available.

However, I strongly feel that every school must make it a top priority to ensure cycle sheds for all children as it promotes not only a safer means of transportation but also addresses environmental concerns. Provision of a school safety committee should also be made available which monitors the safety practices within the schools.

Workshops should be held regularly which explain the importance of not falling under peer pressure and succumbing to bad habits like smoking, drinking, gambling, etc. This is one of the most important things that young adolescents must learn at an early age, as sometimes, they are unaware of the consequences associated with such bad habits and hence, they get addicted.

All in all, I would like to conclude by saying that, we need to ensure the safety and security of our children, especially when they’re young and in order to do that we need a set of rules that needs to be established and followed most stringently. Provision of good infrastructure, good roads, clean drinking water and clean food are important factors that contribute to this.  


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Swastika Sharma is our adorable blogger at KleverKid. She is a student and debater at Delhi University and loves to write. And she just loves to play lawn tennis and a huge Nadal Fan! Reach her when you feel sporty.