Nobody can deny that Sachin Tendulkar, is indeed the God of Indian Cricket. He has contributed to Indian Cricket, in more ways than one as he has not only paved the way for fellow Indians to rule the cricket pitch but for a very long time, he was also India’s leading run scorer and helped the team in winning the World Cup in 2011. 

All the statistics, which are a numerical proof of his great career, still fall short of describing Tendulkar’s illustrious career. His immense contribution, for both on-field, as well as off-field cricket has glorified Indian Cricket.

Here are four reasons why we Indians absolutely love Sachin Tendulkar:

1. Made Cricket Popular In India:

Indians tend to have relatively inferior physical stature, and consequently, they were not at the top of any sport, in Tendulkar’s time.  India’s national sport is Hockey, but they were slowly losing glory in that as well. Indians didn’t have a lot of International winnings, in any sport other than a few individual performances in Chess, Tennis, and Badminton. However, Tendulkar showed the world that to hit sixes you do not necessarily need brute force. He laid the foundation of a very smartly played game called, mind over matter and paved the way for Indian cricketers to slowly become the best and hence, he made cricket popular in India.


2.  Made Cricket Popular Worldwide: 

Tendulkar said that “People have opinions that there should be fewer teams. But we need to find a solution and work towards it together to make cricket a global sport and not have just 8-12 countries compete all the time and be happy with that”

3. Helped in Major Decision Making: 

Tendulkar played an integral part in strategy management and decision making of the Indian Cricket Team, both on the field, as well as off field.  He helped youngsters, who approached him, as was the case with influential players like Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli. It was Tendulkar who recommended MS Dhoni as the captain of the Indian Team. Dhoni’s performance as the captain in limited overs Cricket soon earned him the captaincy in Test Cricket too. Dhoni has bought the Indian team a number of accolades, ranging from earning the Test team of the year title in 2009, winning the T20 World Cup in 2007 to winning the World Cup 2011 and Champions Trophy in 2013. 

4. Charity Work :

Tendulkar is a very humble and a gentle person. He has worked selflessly towards doing good for humanity and does not try to garner undue attention. He has donated a lot of money to charity. He auctioned the bat he used to score his 100th century to help out the Uttarakhand flood relief camps. He has also funded eye donation camps and does good things for poor and underprivileged kids. Today, Tendulkar is more than just a cricket icon. He is one of the most influential people in India, as he has become an icon for promoting humility and humanity. His performance on the cricket field made him the God Of Cricket, but, his personal qualities helped him alleviate and restore the lives of many.


About The Author:

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