One of the best things about India’s rich cultural diversity is the multitude of festivals. And with Eid Al-Adha, also known as Bakr-Eid or Bakrid falling within a week of Ganesh Chaturthi, there is a festive mood in the air and lots of holidays for the kids. The long weekend could be an ideal opportunity  to teach them how to appreciate and enjoy the various cultural aspects of the country. We bring you stories, fun crafts, and anecdotes about Eid Al Adha - a festival that celebrates unflinching faith and sacrifice.


The Story

Falling at the end of the Haj pilgrimage season, Eid Al Adha or Bakrid is celebrated to honour the staunch devotion and spirit of sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim. Childless for very long, he was blessed with a baby boy in his sunset years. The boy, Ismail, was naturally the apple of his father's eye. When the boy entered his teenage years, Ibrahim had recurring dreams of Allah asking him to sacrifice his son. With a heavy heart, he confided his dream to his son, who readily agreed to be sacrificed in the name of God. Just as Ibrahim brought the axe down, Ismail was replaced by a lamb. Allah himself told Ibrahim that his devotion was pure and that he had passed the test. Thus, every year, people all over the world pay their respect to Ibrahim's spirit and sacrifice a four-legged animal to mark the event of Ismail being replaced by a lamb. Ismail went on to build the Kaaba at Mecca, a holy shrine for Muslims all over the world.

Did you know?

Ibrahim was later blessed with another child. He was named Isaac, and he carried forward his father's legacy of preaching after his death.

The sacrificed animal is distributed to friends and relatives, but most of it is given away to the poor and needy. Most mosques have associations that ensure that no one goes hungry, or without new clothes, on this day. 

A lot of food is cooked for the festival. Most families make it a point to cook not only for themselves but also for neighbours, friends and the needy on this day. Preparations usually start days in advance.

Things to do on the Eid Al Adha (Bakrid) Weekend 

Kids enjoy an event more when they get to be involved in it. Before the festivities, get them to decorate the house with whatever they please. Artsy Craftsy Mom has links to some books where you can read about the festival itself, easy craft projects for kids to make and a whole list of food items around the theme of Bakrid. These activities are sure to keep your kids engaged. 


Hope you have a wonderful weekend with friends and family! Eid Mubarak!