Kids love to make noises, whether it be singing or banging on objects. Here is a list of 5 DIY homemade musical instruments for your kids. They are easy to make, fun to play and everlasting!


. Bottle Maracas


Things you will need:


1. Sturdy plastic bottle

2. Masking tape

3. Acrylic paints

4. Paintbrushes

5. A handful of rice, pasta or lentils (Rajma, dried peas or corn)?




1. Choose a sturdy bottle that is hard to scrunch, such as ‘Gatorade’ bottles. Make sure it is clean inside and outside as well.

2. The sound of the maracas depends on what you put inside. If you put rice or sand, you will get a soft sound whereas if you put lentils or pasta, you will get a louder sound. Fill according to the size of the bottle (a handful should be fine). Don’t fill too much, there should be enough space for it to move about.

3. Close the bottle tightly and cover the entire bottle with masking tape.

4. Let your kids paint the bottle, however, they like with acrylic paints. Add patterns to make it look attractive. Allow it to dry.

5. After it has completely dried, shake away!


. Kazoo


Things you will need:


1. Toilet paper roll

2. Acrylic paint

3. Elastic bands

4. Wax paper/Parchment paper or Butter paper (Used for cooking)

5. Scissors


1. Let your kids paint the paper roll

2. Cut a square from the wax paper and wrap it on top of the toilet paper roll

3. Secure the paper with an elastic band

4. That’s it! Let your kids sing or hum into it to their fulfillment


. Shoe Box Guitar


Things you will need:

1. A cardboard shoe box (with a separate lid)

2. 4 or 6 large elastic bands?




1. Take a cardboard shoe box which has a separate lid or a tissue box with a hole in the center

2. Choose your elastics bands that vary in width, to ensure different sounds when plucked by fingers. Stretch either 4 or 6 large elastic bands around the box with equal gaps between them

3. There you go! An easy to make guitar

. Harmonica


Things you will need:


1. 2 ice cream sticks

2. 3 elastic bands

3. Scissors

4. Thin colored papers



1. Let the kids choose their color and cut out 2 strips of 1 inch wide by 4 or 5 inches long.

2. Wrap the strips near the edge of the stick, no need to use glue or tape as the elastic will be holding on to it.



3. Wrap an elastic band around the length of the stick, as shown in the picture below



4. Place the second stick under the first one and wrap the ends with the elastic bands, as shown in the picture below





5. Voila! Your homemade harmonica is ready. Make sure your kids blow on the middle wooden part.


. Singing straws




Things you will need:


1. 6-8 Straws

2. Tape

3. Colorful tape (for decoration)

4. Scissors


1.Cut straws of different lengths, make sure there are two of each length

2. Cut a long strip of tape and start arranging straws in pairs, in ascending order

3. Secure them well with more tape

4. You can use colorful tape to make it look attractive?

5. There you have it, your very own singing straws. Blow into the straws and make music!



By using recyclable objects, we can create easy-to-make interactive items. Don’t throw them away. Create moments!