"A dad is someone who holds you when you cry, scolds you when you break the rules, shines with pride when you succeed, and has faith in you even when you fail."

He is someone who can scale any mountains, scare away any ghosts and solve any problem. He is your first superhero. He loves you and believes in you more than anyone. Your confidant and your best friend for life!

So, when it is father's day in a few weeks and you want to gift something special to the man who gave up his sleep to help you in your science projects, what do you do? KleverKid recommends you create something simple from scratch which will touch his heart. To help you with some handmade DIY gifts for dad, we have some awesome DIY ideas and downloads listed below.

Create something beautiful and send us the pictures on info@kleverkid.in. Gift these awesome goodies to your dad on 19th June 2016 - Father's Day

DIY GIFT IDEA 01: Colouring Card for Dad (Age 2 years - 4 years)

All dads love a cute card with heartfelt messages from his little one. KleverKid has curated a card for toddlers to color in, fold and gift it to their dads. The card comes with cues for the young ones to understand which color to use while coloring. They just need to fold along the middle edge, color in the doodles and the message, add their name and hey presto, the card is ready to be gifted on Father's day.

Here is a snapshot of how the card looks like. Download your own card right here.

DIY GIFT IDEA 02: Gift Coupon Booklet for Dad (Age 5 years - 9 years)

Your dad deserves the best and when you are curating special gifts for him why stick to one? Our set of 6 love coupons allows your dad to redeem a coupon in exchange for a gift any time he wants. He can choose from sloppy kisses to action movie nights. The coupon booklet allows him to pick and choose the gifts according to when he wants to spend those precious moments with you. Download the coupons and make a booklet by yourself. Check out the video to see how the coupons look like and how to make a booklet out of them. Download and make your coupon booklet right now.


DIY GIFT IDEA 03: My Daddy Strongest Stand for Dad (Age 10 years+)

Why not make a gift which your dad can flaunt in front of his friends? Our My Daddy Strongest stands are easy to make, DIY gifts which your father will absolutely adore. Dads are a daughter's first love and a son's first hero and this is the message that these stands convey. Download them on thick sheets for sturdy and turn them into a stand by sticking the ends together. Check out the video below to see how to make the stand and download your own stand right here.