I was one of the ‘toppers’ in class as a kid but never quite made it to the number one spot. Reason? Maths! My bugbear – my bête noire – my Waterloo – my Nemesis – call it what you will. And it wasn’t that I couldn’t understand what was being taught to me. I did understand. I even explained it to others who couldn’t. And the irony of ironies – they would learn from me, practise hard and get top marks, while my own Maths marks lagged behind. Why? Because I wouldn’t buckle down and practise!

And why wouldn’t I practise? Because I just couldn’t see where I was going with it. I mean, in class 5 I just couldn’t see the point of calling numbers a, b, c, and so forth, creating enormous parallel universes around them and spending hours working them out! By the time I began to understand the relevance of all that, I had lost quite a lot of valuable time and many opportunities. 

And as my own kids grew up, I was appalled to see them following in my footsteps, rather than those of their Maths wiz dad! Oh! How I wished for some magical providence to explain to them why they needed to do well in Maths!

Maths is, after all, literally, the key to learning. Studies all over the world have consistently proven that kids who do well at Maths have greater chances of success in life. Even otherwise, a child who does Maths regularly, and does it well, learns to work in a structured, disciplined manner, think logically, analyse situations and develop problem-solving skills. In fact, Maths, apart from being a scoring subject which can push up scholastic grades, is also the foundation of many other subjects, and a storehouse of life skills.

However, all my efforts to explain this to my kids cut no ice with them – I’m sure, most moms would agree that they seldom seem to make sense to their own kids, however, wise they may be considered by others!

And then Cuemath happened in our lives!

Like a blessing from heaven – an answer to a prayer, I met a cousin after ages, who had enrolled her seven years old and had seen him transformed from a Maths-hating child to a wiz in a few months! I got the details and enrolled my groaning, unwilling children, with a promise to let them drop it after one month. The groaning died away after the first class, and by the second week, they stopped protesting. Now, six months into Cuemath, they are on cloud nine, enjoying Maths and scoring well.

What was the magic that happened?

Simply this: Cuemath is designed and structured to make all children fall in love with Maths and be great at it. As I found for myself as a child, our education system suits only a handful of students while the rest get labelled as ‘weak in Maths’. At Cuemath, however, they believe that every child has the potential to be proficient in Maths and build a love for it. 

Cuemath's core team is comprised of Maths, Education and Technology graduates from IIT, IIM, Stanford, Cambridge and Harvard. They describe their product as ‘an after-school math enrichment program that is revolutionising the way math is experienced by both educators and students’. The best part is that rather than adhering to the chop-and-change school curriculum, they make Maths an integral part of the children’s lives, making them realize its relevance in real life and inculcating a deep understanding and love for it.

Well, they have certainly taken a load off my mind. Thanks to Cuemath, my children are happy campers, and I am a happy mom!