Are you looking for the best preschooler science activities on the internet but can’t choose any? Here are some hand-picked activities from 2015 for your little ones:


1. Hands-on Solar System

Things you will need:

  1. Craft foams

  2. Hot glue/Fevicol

  3. Scissors

  4. Acrylic paint

  5. Different shaped circular objects (bangles or bowls)

  6. Water Spray



  1. Make the planets and sun on the craft foam and cut them out. Use different bowls so you get different shaped planets.

  2. Use bigger bowls for Sun and Jupiter. Use appropriate sizes for every planet so kids will learn better.

  3. Use acrylic paints to add details on the planets

  4. Use fevicol or hot glue to stick the rings around Saturn

  5. Now, take a water spray and spray water on a glass window or door and stick the planets and sun on it.

  6. Now it’s ready to teach the kids about our solar system

2. Fishing with magnets


Things you will need:

  1. Small tub of shallow water

  2. Small iron objects around the house

  3. Non-magnetic items

  4. Small horseshoe magnet

  5. String

  6. Pencil



  1. To make the fishing pole, hook the horseshoe magnet with the string to the pencil, in a way that it looks like a fishing pole.

  2. Place the iron and non-magnetic items in the tub

  3. Let your kids fish out the iron items using the fishing pole.

  4. This way they will be able to distinguish between magnets and non-magnets.

3. Tornado science activity

Things you will need:

  1. 2 empty bottles of the same size

  2. Water

  3. Duct tape

  4. Food coloring (optional)

  5. Hot glue



  1. Make sure the bottles are clean. Fill one bottle with water.

  2. Add few drops of food coloring.

  3. Apply hot glue on the openings of the bottles and attach them together.

  4. Once it’s dry, wrap that with duct tape for extra security.

  5. Now, flip the bottle with water to the top and swirl it.
  6. Once the water starts to swirl and slowly drain into the empty bottle, watch it carefully and enjoy.

4. Candy catapult


Things you will need:

  1. Seven large ice cream sticks

  2. Three elastic bands

  3. Bottle cap

  4. Glue dots

  5. Small toffees or heart shaped candies

  6. Measuring tape



  1. Stack 5 sticks on top of each other and secure them with the bands on each end.

  2. Take the other 2 sticks and secure them together at one end with the band

  3. Seperate the two sticks and place the stack between them. Wrap a band around the centre to secure it. It should look something like this:?


4. Glue the cap on top as it will serve as the launcher

5. Place a candy and gently push down the stick and release it

6. You can use a measure tape at one side of the room, to check how far the candy traveled.


5. Changing shape of water


Things you will need:

  1. Pitcher of water

  2. Jars or different sizes

  3. Funnel

  4. Notepad



  1. Allow your child to pour water into different jars.

  2. While pouring water, they’ll learn about general properties of water like overflowing.

  3. Next, tell them to carefully observe the pouring process so they can learn what the same amount of water looks like in a different container.

  4. After that, let them record their observations in their notepad (Draw the containers and let them color it in according to their observations)

  5. This activity might take some time to get the hang of it. Though it will help them improve their motor skills.