As an educationist working with children in a wide variety of ways, I have often found that children who are born with musical talent have a special quality about them. They are far more receptive, adaptive and quicker than their peers and are able to absorb everyday learning in a large number of ways. And even those who did not have much inborn musical talent, but were enrolled for music classes – be it vocals or instrumental – emerge head and shoulders above their peers in terms of ability to learn, social interaction and all-round personality development.

Why is this so, people often wonder. Research has found that learning music facilitates learning other subjects and enhances skills that children inevitably use in other areas. A child learning about music has to tap into multiple skill sets, often simultaneously. Thus, music learning supports all learning. Thus, learning music in some form or other is a highly desirable activity for almost every child. 

Arohi Music Academy (AMA) in Dwarka is the answer to a parent’s prayer for quality training in music and dance. Since the academy aims to promote music among the masses, there is a wide range of courses and classes on offer, both in vocal and instrumental music as well as in dance.

The faculty at Arohi Music Academy is composed of eminent gurus in the fields of vocal music, instrumental music, and dance. The teaching methodology is highly personalized, with very small groups that seek to emulate the traditional Guru-Shishya pedagogy of our country and promotes true respect and deeply imbibed learning. 

The extensive list of classes and courses offered at AMA include:

            Classical Vocal

- Hindustani Classical Junior Diploma

- Senior Diploma

- Sangeet Prabhakar & Sangeet Praveen 

Light Vocal:

- Geet / Ghazal / Bhajan /ShabadGurbani / Film Songs 


Playback Singing:

- Karaoke singing / Bollywood songs / Western Songs


          - Guitar 

          -  Tabla / Dholak

          -  Keyboards

          - Piano

          - Drums 



         - Kathak

         - Western: Bollywood, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Contemporary , Salsa 


Affiliated to a number of highly respected musical institutions, AMA offers its students a variety of options:

 Exam Facility for western music from

  • Trinity College of London for Paino / Keyboard and Guitar
  • Rock School London for Guitar

Affiliation to

  • Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad
  • Gandharv Mahavidyalaya, Mumbai
  • Bhatkhundae University, Lucknow

For those who wish for their children to make waves in popular music, AMA also organizes a number of events on a regular basis as part of their strategy to provide their protégées with much-needed stage exposure and confidence to make them winners in life. As a result of this, many of their students have won accolades in various competitions and achieved high ranking in programs like Sa Re Ga Ma, Indian Idol, Li’l Champs, etc.

All things considered, Arohi Music Academy is literally your one-stop shop for all your children’s music and dance requirements. Book a class today. Your children need it!


About The Author: 

Parul Gupta, our Edu-blogger,. is a person with many hats -- writer, editor, economic analyst, writing skills coach, workshop facilitator -- all of which she fits around being a full-time mom and homemaker. Her personal blog 'At Random'  ( is her pensieve (Harry Potter fans will understand) and she can be contacted at