Come monsoon, and the dread specter of Dengue rears its head every year, regularly reaching epidemic proportions and causing deaths, even in this age of advanced medicine!. No one is invulnerable--indeed, those who have had it once are at an even higher risk. And so, appropriate preventive measures are a must to keep our kids safe and healthy whether at home, school or at the various kids events in Delhi. Here are a  few simple but valuable tips to help you and your kids remain safe this Dengue season: 

Eliminating The Trigger

The Dengue vector or the organism that carries the Dengue virus is the aedes mosquito. We all know that mosquitoes generally breed in stagnant water, whether it is in puddles, buckets, plants, or coolers. A major step towards controlling the disease is keeping all such sources of standing water covered and discarding all stagnant water. Take a look around the house and your surrounding areas and get all standing water cleared.

Knowing the Schedule

The Aedes mosquito is most active in the afternoon and evening, more precisely between 11 am and 4 pm. As children are usually at school during this time, parents need to collaborate with school authorities to put in place safeguard measures against mosquito bites. Talk to authorities at playschools in Delhi, or any other place where your child goes to the issue.

Keeping Mosquitoes at Bay

During the Dengue, season make sure your children  are wearing clothing that covers all of their body. Also, keep  your children away from stagnant water, bushes, or any other breeding ground for mosquitoes. If you are the parent of a  toddler, take care to cover them from head to toe and make sure their cradle or carrier has a mosquito net attached. Secure your house with mosquito meshes for every bedroom and all the doors and windows. 

Mosquito Repellents Can Help!

Make your home a mosquito-free area by plugging in electric repellents in every room. You could even try the mosquito repellent coil if you do not mind the smell. However, make sure that the kids are not allergic to the fragrance or fumes of the repellent you use. There is a wide variety to choose from--creams, sprays, and patches, in case the electric repellents or coils are a problem


KleverKid wants all of our readers and their kids to be safe and healthy! 


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