The impact of sports on a child’s personality is amazing. Better teamwork, enhanced leadership skills, higher concentration, greater confidence and stronger fitness are some of the many benefits. If you struggle with getting your kid to the playground, here are a few tips that could come in handy:  

1. Get Your Game Face On

 Every weekend try one new activity with your kid. Most extra-curricular academies give you trial classes and most sports complexes let you book courts by the hour. Spend quality time with your child while getting fitter each week, and see how quickly they home in on something they like.

2. Who Is Your Favorite Player?

 Watch a game in which your favorite athlete is playing. Take your kid to the neighborhood park to play few rounds together. Help them get more involved in the game by sharing famous stories and videos of the athlete. Dig into the history of the game, as well as the athlete’s story. Once he follows the game for a while he is bound to find a favorite player of his own!

3. Your Kid Might Want To Be The Next Sports Superstar! 

Some kids discover at a young age that their passion for sports is big enough for them to pursue it when they grow up. It may seem silly, but if your kid said to you one day, ‘Dad, I want to be a cricket player!’ do not overlook it. Watch how committed your kid is towards the sport. Help them achieve their dreams!

4. Practice Digital Detox

Books have gone digital, so have games. Phones are essential, so are Tabs. This calls for a digital detox. Parks and playgrounds still exist but are less utilized than they should be. Break the routine by tossing a Frisbee, shooting some hoops or running around the park in the evening. After all, evenings are meant to be spent outdoors. Love for the outdoors will help your kids graduate to other forms of formal sports.

5. Be Proactive In Social Events

 Who doesn't like to sleep in on a Sunday? Your habits impact your kids the most. Be active, and your kid will follow in step. Our cities are bustling with many events related to sports and fitness. Get active, find out what’s happening, and be there. Attend Raahagiri on Sundays, Yoga sessions on Saturdays. Mornings and evenings are filled with activities throughout the week. Bike, Skate, Run, Dance, Zumba. An activity-filled happy morning it will be! Rejuvenate your body and mind and bring your kid along for the ride.

6. Friends Are Where The Fun Is

 Kids are always whining about not getting enough time with their friends. Sports are your answers to everything! Have your kid join a sport that is team based and watches him get so involved that he will never want to come home. This way you know he is learning major developmental skills and getting healthy at the same time!        

7. Have Positive Discussions At Home

 Talk sports, talk health.  It’s important for your kids to know your point of view. In early years, it helps them form their own opinions. Be the catalyst and make them think and help them decide for themselves.


We hope you find these tips helpful. We would like to hear from you if you have other suggestions on this topic that you can share with our parent community.

“Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.” – Michael Singletary, American football coach and former professional football player.


Your turn! What are some tips you use to get your little sports star up in running? Share in the comments below.