Questions - the bane of a parent's existence. One of the worst nightmares a parent can have is that of a child shooting a hundred questions per minute at her. And before you can process the first question and frame the response in your head, pat - comes the next! Whew!! Trust me, it can be tiring. And I must confess, there have been times that I have consulted my friend ‘Google’, for answers to give my kids, because irritating as they may often get, it is these very questions that make the kids vibrant and promising young citizens.

Over the last couple of weeks, a topic that is likely to have snagged your children's curiosity is our Prime Minister’s visit to the United States, resulting in their older siblings changing their display pictures on Facebook.

Yes, it's time for questions again. This time, it’s “What is Digital India?” and “What is going to come out of it?” But this time, you don’t have to search for the answers, because we have the answers here foryou to deal with your children's queries.

Connecting Villages

India has lakhs of villages which have very limited access to the multiple communication media like Internet and telecommunication that we enjoy as city dwellers.  The Digital India  movement aims to take broadband Internet to over 2.5 lakh villages across the country. This will make the country more digitally empowered. The extensive postal network across the country will pave the way for this.

Broadband Highways

Free Internet facilities will be available on all National Highways. Fibre optic cables will be laid across the length and breath of the country to make this dream a reality. Your kids are bound to be excited at this proposition, as this will mean that they will have better Internet connectivity on your next road trip.

Access to Mobiles

The government has plans to eliminate the import of electronics, and manufacture smart phones at affordable cost for the masses. There are also plans to create a set of apps to make mobile transactions simple, and to introduce tele-medicine and mobile healthcare services. There will be better mobile network penetration in over 44,000 villages.

E – Governance

Imagine interacting with government officials - even the Prime Minister - through the digital medium. This is a totally new concept in India. E-Governance is a step towards making the functioning of the government more transparent and efficient. Hopefully, as a result of such measures, future generations will have to face less corruption.

Empowering Educational Institutions

The government plans to set up wi-fi facilities in all universities across the country, and encourage E-mail as the primary mode of communication. This will enable millions of students across the country to satisfy their thirst for knowledge and stay abreast of the latest information and happenings across the world.

Electronic Certification

You can tell your children that their generation will never have to stand in long queues, go hunting for touts or bribe officials to get their government ID’s issued. Voter ID, Aadhar Card, school certificates and other important documents will be issued online.

Job Creation

Technological development on such a vast scale will need enormous manpower to sustain the effects on and benefits to the economy. Hence, the government aims to train around one crore students from small towns and villages for the IT sector by 2020. Setting up BPOs in the north-eastern states is also on the cards.

I’m sure that by the end of your explanation, your little one is going to be running across to all his friends to share his new found knowledge. We’re not complaining are we? No way!! Knowledge is a beautiful thing!