Summer is a wonderful season to enjoy when you are a child. The school is out and there is no pressure of the exams. The days are long and the mind busy and restless to do something! Here are 7 reasons why summers were better when we were kids.


1. Summer vacations!! It’s two solid months of downtime for the kids…with no pressing commitments. A perfect example of a carefree life.


2. The endless TV-watching marathon and no one can question you when you monopolize the TV remote control. You watch TV till you start seeing stars in your eyes.


3. That annual trip to your granny’s home filled with lip-smacking goodies and oodles of love. You can get away with anything in your granny’s home.


4. The sleep-ins in the mornings! You can wake up at 6 am or 11 am. There is no hurry to get ready to go anywhere. And, the late nights video game sessions that no one can question you about! After all, it’s not a school night, right?


5. Summer camps!! The endless summer camps that happen in various activities- arts, crafts, music, dance, sports. You name it. You can try it.


6. The time you have on hand to read all the books you want. No one can question you why you are reading comics instead of studying.


7. The sleepovers you have at your friends’ place without worrying about what day of the week it is. A pillow-fight is a fun way to unwind after a long summer day.



Every kid wants to make the most of the summer vacation. It’s a wasted one if there aren’t a few broken bones and lost teeth. Isn’t it? And since it only comes once a year, and that too after the exams, it is just the most magical time!