If all the parents were like Pinnochio, we’d all be walking with a nose longer than an elephant’s trunk. Sometimes, a lie here and there is inevitable to keep your sanity intact. Here are some lies that parents tell their kids to get out of sticky situations.

1. Soft drinks taste horrible and your stomach will get holes in it if you drink it. Bonus points for the parents if they make yucky faces while drinking it.


“Yuck! This bit of (pure heaven) liquid is so horrible, I have to drink it because the doctor said so!”


2. If you eat the seed of the fruit, the seed will grow in your tummy into a tree and the branches will sprout out of your nose, ears and mouth. Yes.. That can happen!



This is required because the only other way that dreaded cherry seed will end up is in the throat, or come out in the, um, droppings.
3. If you eat too much candy, the doctor will come home and give you an injection. This lie can come in handy after a birthday party or a marathon Halloween trick-or-treating.
If THAT isn’t a sugar rush, we don’t know what is. From disturbed sleep cycles to reduced immunity, candy is responsible for children mutating into Godzilla.
4. There is a jail inside the kitchen in the restaurant and misbehaving kids will be jailed forever in it. Anything to get the kids to behave when eating out. Bonus points if you get a waiter at the restaurant to back up your story.
Very important lie in a world where people are getting thrown out of restaurants thanks to badly behaved children. The alternative is to sit through ugly stares while the kid wails away in all glory.
5. Chota Bheem doesn’t come on TV at night as he goes to sleep at night. You need this lie when your child wakes up in the middle of the night and decides it’s the best time to watch TV.
This little parenting secret is one we hope your kids never discover. It can only go on for so long before you get caught watching TV after you think they’ve fallen asleep!
6. The icecream man rings the bell when he runs out of icecream. So, he really is telling you to come back tomorrow for icecream. Oh! How ingenious the parents are!!
This is one we feel particularly bad about. After all, in the era when pediatric dentists didn’t exist, didn’t we all thrive on ice cream and ‘golas’ in summer?
7. You scare your child not to go out in the dark because there are scary monsters out to catch you. Careful, parents! This lie can come back and bite you in the behind during your child’s night time sojourns.
Also, not recommended, because this innocent lie from our parents has some of us still sleeping with the lights on.
Use these lies wisely, and make sure you don’t overdo them! Also, they’ll only be this stupid for a while, so enjoy it.