Every parent needs a bunch of easy hacks to make life easier. When you have a bunch of kids in the house, especially in summers, your workload goes up. In such situations, it is better to use some ‘jugaad’ as opposed to losing it on the kids every few minutes. We tip our hats to whoever came up with these genius hacks!


1. Kids using too many glasses in a day to drink water and clogging up the kitchen sink? Label the cups, glue magnets to them and stick them on the fridge. Each kid will use their own cup throughout the day and the cup gets washed at the end of the day.



2. Dreading the day when you have to take your kid shopping for shoes?  Bring your kid’s feet size traced on a paper and leave your child at home. Easy-peasy stress-free shopping! Who needs the entire kid when you can take a trace of the feet alone?



3. Looking for a quick and healthy treat for the kids this summer? Freeze yoghurt tubs with a popsicle stick in them- healthy ice-cream pops are ready for your kids to indulge this summer, as opposed to the extremely unhealthy ice-creams we get these days.



4. Pick out outfits for your child for all the days of the week over the weekend. No more mad rush in the morning trying to match the tee with the pants or scrambling for the missing socks.



5. A lint roller is a perfect cleaning accessory for the lazy parent after a crafting session with your kid. That hard to clear glitter dust comes right off the table with a lint roller. A lot of fancy stores are selling them these days.



6. This one is a safety hack that will come in handy when you go out with your kids. Places like zoos and carnivals are very risky when it comes to losing kids in the crowd. Make a bracelet with your phone number on it so that your kid can reach you even if they get separated from you.



7. Is your child struggling to identify the right and left shoes while you are in a hurry to get out the door? Don’t despair. Cut a sticker into halves and stick them in either shoe. Ask your child to match the sticker to find the correct shoe for the correct feet.




With these hacks under your belt, you can breeze through your day with your kid.  Do share your tried and tested hacks with us if you’ve found something that works for you.


Picture Credits: OneCreativeHousewife.com