We’re sure you must’ve already seen a lot of photos and videos promoting “Don’t Burn Crackers” Nope, this blog is certainly not about the environmental effects of burning crackers, but a simple solution to have all the fun without polluting the environment.  Are you wondering, how? Here are few apps for "Don't burn crackers" supporters, which you can play with this Diwali and make it fun for your kids while you protect the environment.

Diwali Fire Crackers:  Android  and ios


Kids can play virtual fireworks show and pray goddess Lakshmi, play memory matching game, have fun coloring Diwali festival related pictures. Kids get to learn about Diwali with an animated story taught by our animated character Hasini.

Diwali Sweets Fun: ios

A very simple and engaging game to collect KIDs Sweets for this Diwali. As you go along you win more and more Sweets of different variety

Diwali Crush: Android and ios

We’re sure you know about  Candy crush, this is the same but with more energy of festival and Diwali. This app takes the candy crush theme to a whole new level this Diwali.

Diwali Lamp and game: Android  and  ios

These are for the toddlers mostly, you may want to use it when they want to light up the day and we know it is dangerous. light up the diya or scroll through the lights. It is a simple app for kids to light the lamp and create sparkles on touch. Kids will love playing with this.

Diwali Crackers:  Android and ios

An engaging game for kids to play and have fun without fear of bursting crackers. This fun app lets kids burst crackers on the phone and laugh out loud. A must try this Diwali.

Diwali History:  Android

Know the history why Diwali is important. Tired of remembering Pooja Vidhi rituals? This app provides complete Diwali Pooja Vidhi. Celebrate Diwali like never before by being the pundit of your family. Your Diwali pooja Vidhi rituals are just a click away with this app. Send messages to your family.

Diwali Dhamal:  Android  

Roll out the Diwali revelry with Diwali Dhamal. Share the joy of the festival of lights with your near and dear ones this Diwali. Join the Diwali vibe with your Android device using this app that lets you download beautiful wallpapers, send Diwali wishes and share.


These are few which we came across while searching for Diwali fun. What do you think? Do you have any apps which you love this Diwali? Share in the comments below.