Cricket, like it or hate it, is one of those things kids pick up on faster than lightning. For a cricket hater like me, the beginning of world cup season is a nightmare. What do we do when our kids absolutely adore the game and then go to new lengths to make sure they catch every single match.

1. They watch absolutely everything!

kid tv.JPG


2. They make excuses for studying.



3.  They put bodily functions on hold. I can’t miss Virat’s batting! The bathroom can wait.



4. They love going to matches in the city. They’re the loudest spectators around.



5. They fall ‘ill’ on match day.



6. They don’t understand people who hate cricket.



7. When there’s no match on TV, they study, to pass the time. EAT-SLEEP-CRICKET.



Have a cricket monster at home? What’s the funniest thing that happened to you?

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