The season of hot cocoa and warm woollens is here. While winter is a much loved season, with all its festivals and amazing weather, it is also the season of sore throats and common cold-ridden nights. Here are some ways to protect your kids from the nasal onslaught that is winter.


1.    Layers, Layers And Layers



As long as the child is comfortable, bundle her up from head to toe. We mean jackets, stockings, mufflers and headgear. While it is necessary to keep them covered outdoors, it is equally important to do the same indoors—maybe replace the heavy bomber jacket with a lighter cardigan, but cover them up even while they sleep. The body’s own heat is the best way to combat the cold outside.



2.    Get A Heater



If you have an infant under six months of age, consider installing a heater in his room and set it to an optimum temperature. Most babies detest being bundled up and have very bad body temperature regulation. They can develop chest congestion easily too, what with their underdeveloped immunities. A heater is the best way to keep their room warm.



3.    Avoid Long Baths



A quick bath with hot water is enough in winters. There is no need for prolonged sessions in a bathtub. For kids who enjoy swimming, opt for an indoor, heated pool during winters. It may also be wise to let kids have a bath a little later in the day, once the sun starts to shine a bit.



4.    Cough Is A Good Thing



We don’t mean the whooping kind of cough that leaves the child breathless. If that is the case, rush to a doctor. But a mild cough is actually the body’s way of sending out bad germs from the body. If it gets worse while sleeping, use a raised pillow and a little vapour rub on the feet. If it gets worse or persists for more than two weeks, see a doctor. If it is an infant, always see a doctor.



5.    Hot Meals Are The Way To Go



Digestion is sluggish in winters, more so for kids. Keep them full with hot soups, kanjis and porridges. Add their favourite protein into these and make sure they get enough fibre from vegetables. This avoids unnecessary constipation and trips to the doctor. A concoction of tulsi, ginger and honey given daily can help keep infections at bay in older kids.



6.    Exercise Is The Magic Word



Exercise is the answer to everything. In hopping, skipping and jumping around, kids can loosen up their muscles and keep them flexible. Exercise and playing freely and joyfully also release good hormones into the system, so they won’t be depressed if the weather gets gloomy.



Try some of these tips this winter and those weekly hospital trips you made last year will soon be a thing of the past. Keep your kids protected this winter, and let the only reason to go out be to celebrate!