Developing your kid’s vocabulary is important as it will help your kid be successful in all walks of life. A strong and robust vocabulary can help a child develop his understanding, communication skills, and reading ability.

Here are some great tips that will help you build your kid’s vocabulary: 


1. Enthusiastic About Learning New Words:

It's a tough concept, how can one teach a kid to be passionate about learning new words? When I was a kid, my mom used to  ask me to describe objects, events and things that interested me. She used to say, “Give me five words that you think of when you see a Barbie you want.”

Yes, I was obsessed with Barbies. So, find something that your kid loves and encourage him to use words that help him describe his emotions or the object/activity itself.


2. Gamify Learning New Words:

Tell your kid that he will get points for every new word he learns and that at the end of the week he will be rewarded. Incentives tend to work when trying to teach children difficult things!

Keep in mind that rewards should be related to this exercise of keeping the interest and excitement intact. Your kid should be excited to read a new book! 


3. Word Based Board-Games:

This is a great activity that helps children learn to improve their vocabulary as well as have some quality time with the family! Scrabble is a great example of  this kind of  activity.


4. Buy A Dictionary For Your Kid:

A physical dictionary is a great asset for a child. My mom used to tell me to learn 10 words from the dictionary in a week and use them in daily conversations.  You should set a number of words your kid is comfortable to learn in a week and encourage him to use them in daily conversations.

He will make mistakes but through those mistakes, he will learn how to use those words correctly if you support him along the way.


5. Never Let Your Kid Ignore New Words:

Kids tend to overlook words that they are not familiar with. Never let them do that! Encourage them to develop the habit of always keeping a pencil and a dictionary handy. Highlighting these unfamiliar words and looking them up in the dictionary at the same time will do wonders for the development of their vocabulary!

6. Always Be Patient!

Your kid will make a lot of mistakes. You will have to repeat words and meanings multiple times. You will have to correct him many times. Please keep in mind that you need to be gentle while doing this. Don't lose your cool!  Kids will learn by making mistakes and you need to patiently be there to correct them.

Keep all these tips in mind when interacting with your child. Since schools are reopening, it would be great if your child becomes better with words as they start a new school year. Moreover, there are kids classes in Delhi where they take up vocabulary as one of their primary objectives. If you are a resident of Gurgaon or Noida, you can search for "english institute in Gurgaon" or a "english learning in Noida" respectively on Google and find the desired institutes that helps your child get better regarding vocabulary. As always, we here at KleverKid have your back! Check out our website by clicking here as we have some great programs that will help them grow their vocabulary!