So now that the admission process is almost through, the load seems to be off the parents’ back—for a while at least. But wait! Have you thought about your little one? Is she ready for this huge milestone that is looming large in her life? Remember, if you were anxious about the admissions, she is sure to be apprehensive about stepping into the scary world of studies. Well, don’t fret; you have a few more months to work on it. 

Here’s how you can prepare your child for the first year at the big school:

1. The 3 R's

Ensure that your child has the required knowledge base that will enable him to hold his own in kindergarten. Familiarize him with numbers, the alphabet and popular rhymes and songs, so that he doesn’t feel like a fish out of the water on his first day. Also, introduce colors and shapes in everyday life so that these are not new concepts to him. Make it a habit of reading to him regularly.

2. Communicate

It is important to make sure that your child is able to communicate her basic needs to the teacher or any other adult in the classroom. She should be able to say when she wants to use the restroom, when she is tired or when she is hurt. She must also know her name, parents’ name and an emergency contact number.

3. Instill A Routine

Try and get your kid into a regular routine. Going to bed at a particular time every night, eating meals at fixed times and specified time for play. This will make it easy for them to adjust once they are in school and routine is an expected thing.

4. Interactions With Peers

In case, you have not opted to put your child in preschool, try and get him to socialize with other kids of his age group in the neighborhood. Earlier, living in joint families, children were always surrounded by cousins, and bonding with them they learnt vital social skills. These days, with nuclear families on the rise, meeting cousins on a regular basis seems to be out of the question. So, try and fix play dates for your child with other children and get them into the habit of sharing and interacting with others.

5. Managing Their Own Needs

Teaching your child to be independent is also critical. They need to be able to feed themselves, use the restroom independently and know how to tie their shoelaces and button their shirt. Also, mastering these simple skills will also give them a sense of satisfaction.

6. Familiarity With The School

Talk regularly to your children about how they are going to be in a big school soon, and what it’s going to be like, to prepare them beforehand. If possible, take them on a tour of the school premises and show them the classroom as well. Actively involve them in the purchase of the school bag, stationery, lunch box and other school essentials.


Most importantly, feed them a lot of love, hugs, cuddles and kisses. This is a huge step for them and they need to know that you are still there for them, watching their back.