We’ve all had those moments of pride every time we see our kids sing a song or draw something that probably makes no sense to anyone else. We’ve also made wishes such as ‘How I wish my kid becomes a dancer’ or ‘Doesn’t he draw like Picasso?’ every time they perform the completely unimaginable feat of drawing a single line. Here are a few no nonsense ways to tell if your child has the art gene in him/her.

1. The walls are for painting. The floor is for painting. EVERYTHING is for painting.



2. The vessels make music too. Music to my ears, pain to yours.You just hope it leads to something more worthwhile, like an instrument



3. .They wake up from sleep at the sound of music. Uhh, what..? Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the wayyyy!



4. They love to dance. Y’know, I’m a certified kiddy style expert! Wanna learn?



5. You’re never allowed to get rid of even a small scrap of paper. They’re all part of a project you know?



6. They come to you with drawings everyday. Mom, isn’t this stone beautiful?