Yes, it’s that time of the year again. School admissions are in progress, application forms being sold and the filtering process is underway. One criterion followed by most reputed schools is to give priority to children residing in its vicinity. We tend to agree on this stand too. Here are the advantages to picking a school in the neighborhood for your child.


1. Convenience

Living close to school is a definite boon to kids. They can choose to either walk or cycle to school and parents are spared the treacherous job of dropping and picking them up. Travelling by themselves also instils a sense of independence. Further, the kids can always rush home during the break in case they have left something behind. Also in the case of an emergency, it will be easier and faster for the parents to reach their wards.

2. Cut Down On Commute

The time is taken to travel to and fro from home to school will be greatly reduced. It will leave your child with a lot more time on his hands to do things that he loves. What adds to the icing on the cake is that he could sleep a little longer in the mornings or choose to come home for lunch. Now doesn’t that sound tempting?

3. Cost of travel

Travel these days is expensive. School buses charge a minimum of Rs.1000 per month whatever the distance might be. This money could instead be allocated towards some extracurricular activities where the child can master some new skills. Kleverkid has many options close to your home.

4. Friends in the vicinity

If most of the children in the school live in the vicinity, it will give them a greater opportunity to bond beyond the four walls of the classroom. Living close to their friends will encourage them to nurture these relationships into lifelong friendships.

5. Make the best of facilities in the school

Access to the playground and other amenities outside of school hours is a benefit. Kids can stay back after school and develop their skills in any sport that they might have an interest in. Parents too get a chance to be more involved in the PTA and other school activities.

6. Safety

Children will have less chances of encountering dangerous situations when they live near a school. Further, schools usually come with a strong police presence, making it a safer neighborhood overall.


While looking for a school for your child, proximity is one of the factors that need to be taken into serious consideration and there are indeed innumerable benefits to living close to the school. If you’re a parent wanting to make everyday life more convenient for your school going children and, in fact, everyone at home, a school in the neighborhood is most definitely the way to go.