There are such cute and useful stuff available for babies these days that sometimes even grandparents wish that they had those in their times. There are products that have been helping parents from many years such as diapers, formula, bottles, pacifiers, bibs and rattles. There are some products that have become better with time like from the rubber spread on beds to quick dry sheets and onesies that have made covering and holding the baby so much simpler. Parents have also started buying some baby-specific stuff such as baby clippers, thermometer, medicine dropper, and weaning spoon. Some baby product ideas are imported from the west and fit in today’s lifestyle perfectly such as stroller/pram, car seat and high chair. Variety of playing and educational stuff that is available for kids- colorful board books, playmats/gym, bouncers are equally enticing. 

We bring you a list of some useful, innovative and quirky baby and toddler products that parents are loving. 


1. Ergonomic Baby carriers

Babies like to be carried around often, especially if they are sick or sleepy. Parents also feel comfortable carrying their babies in crowded places or while traveling. There are multiple variety of baby carriers available in the market. Be careful to choose the ergonomic ones such as- Ring Slings, Mei Tais, Soft Structured Carriers and Hybrid/Woven Wraps. You can select these based on your baby’s build and something that supports your back and shoulders well. However, it does take some time for both you and the baby to feel comfortable in it. There are Indian brands such as Soul, Anmol, Cookie, KolKol and international brands such as Boba, Tula, Lillebaby that you can evaluate. 


2.  Baby shower cap 

New parents often feel scared to bathe the baby for the fear of water, soap or shampoo getting in baby’s eyes, nose or mouth. There are many shower caps available in beautiful colors for small babies that help in resolving this problem. These are easily available online in the price range of Rs. 100-250. 


3. Teething necklace

Teething is one of the most worrisome time for parents. Kids will put everything that lay can hands on in their mouths- toys, clothes, slippers, spoons and their favorite their own fingers and thumb. What they will not put in their mouth is food and tethers. Some mothers have found a teething necklace useful in this situation. Mostly these are made of silicone, Baltic amber or wood. Since mother or baby are wearing it, it is more easily accessible than handing it to the baby and also doesn’t get dirty as often.  


4. Milk flavoring straws

Making kids drink milk is a nightmare for many parents. Though mixing health drinks work for some, there is another option now- straws that provide flavor to milk. This has portion controlled amounts of sugar and the flavors are infused in tapioca starch, both of which are a plus.There are very few such brands available in India as of now- Sipahh and Milk ‘O’ Magic being the two priced at an average of Rs. 10-15 per straw. Magic Straws and Got Milk are some other internationally available brands. Look online for more discounts.


5. Wall decals 

Parents love to decorate their babies’ room but painting it with cartoons and other images is often not an option if you are in a rented house and also because the kids maybe bored of it in some time. Wall decals are a great option to overcome this. They are just like large stickers, easy to peel and stick. A variety of designs and colors are available in these from jungle, park, water world, night sky, etc. Choose it to your kids’ liking and change after a year if you want. Price ranges from as low as Rs. 150 to few thousands. 


6. Kids mobile-cum safety device

For all the parents worried about their child’s security and safety when kids are not with them, AIRI developed by Secure Your Kids is a product being adopted and recommended by many parents. A safety device that is easy to use, makes communication easy, dedicated SOS button for emergency, accepting calls only from known numbers, 24X7 monitoring services, etc. are some of the features that are making it an attractive buy. This is ideal for kids over one year who are going to daycare. It is priced close to Rs. 5,500. 


What product has absolutely saved your life as a parent? Let us know!