Childhood is candy. Childhood is tippy-tippy-tap-tap. Childhood is crazy and childhood is fun. But childhood is also the time when a kid absorbs and learns the most from his surroundings and parents. As parents, we make every effort to get our kids the best schooling, teachers, and facilities. Parents also send their kids to the sports academy in Delhi NCR or dance classes in Delhi NCR to compete with their peers. But to get ahead in life, our kids need more than science and math. Life is not always going to be as simple and fun as rainbows and these 6 essential life skills will come in handy for our kids:

1. Compassion/Kindness

The challenge with compassion isn’t really instilling it in our children. They are born with a great deal of their own. The real challenge is getting them to never let go of it. Jim Henson said,“Kids don’t remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.Kids may or may not listen to your  words, but they definitely learn a lot by observing your actions. So whenever you get a chance to be compassionate to others, act on it

2. Confidence And Self-Esteem

Confidence is required to deal with a lot of life situations and your self-esteem can seriously affect your confidence. Encourage and support your child at all times. Don’t shower your child with compliments; keep the compliments  coming but keep them balanced so that your child learns to value them. Allow healthy risks. Let your child take a few decisions. Raise a confident, self-assured kid.

3. Conversational Skills And Social Behavior

It’s imperative to teach our kids basic etiquette and other subtle rules of social living. Walking the talk is most effective when you want to teach your kids social behavior. Good conversational skills also instill confidence in a child and take the shyness away. Use the golden words, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to them often. Reward them with compliments or brownies when they help others or are polite! Teaching good manners to your kids early can really be a fruitful investment.

4. Saving And Frugality

We teach our kids to read, ride a bike and be nice. But we often think that they are too young to be receiving money lessons. It is imperative to teach kids to be responsible with their money, and it’s never too early to start! Set savings targets for their pocket money. Tell them how they could buy two ice creams, plenty of balloons and a smaller fluffy toy instead of the huge bear they have their heart set upon. But make sure your kid doesn’t go overboard with frugality too!

5. Cleanliness

Another important life skill kids need to learn is to clean up after themselves. This might seem like an exhausting battle but there are a few tricks that could help you do this seemingly impossible job. Involve them in a few household chores and try making it fun. Kids learn while they’re having fun as opposed to when they are forced to sit down and learn things. Make cleaning a game and get cute kid-sized cleaning tools. Believe me, it works!

6. Love And Relationships

Teaching your kids about love can be more difficult than you’d think. They don't get lessons on love at computer classes in NCR. It is important to show them love in order to teach them to be loving. Your kids should be able to see the love and respect you have for your partner or people around you. This helps them to foster a similar relationship with their friends and family. Your gestures of love will dictate their actions in life.


Share with us any other essential life skills you’re teaching your kids and how you do it in the comments below!

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