A mobile phone is one accessory everyone has these days - from a teenager to great grandparents, from the CEO to the office boy, from mistress to maid, and from rickshaw driver to rag-picker. Further, over the last five years, the Plain Jane mobile phone has made way for snazzy smart phones on which you can do a lot more than just calls or texts.

You might have a smart phone yourself, but, are you using it smartly? Have you ever explored its enormous potential for helping your family stay connected in the midst of today’s jet age lifestyles? Here are a few ways to use your gadget more effectively to keep your bonds with your family, and especially your kids strong.

1.  In Touch On The Go

Let’s face it; kids these days have hectic lives. They are forever shuttling between school, tutions, and extra classes, not to mention the birthday parties, movies and sleepovers with their friends. As a parent, you would definitely be worried about their safety when they are on the move, and would like to keep tabs on them, from time to time. Here’s a simple solutio: Form a group for your family on Whatsapp and ask everybody to share their location from time to time. You could all also update each other on what you are up to, and share pictures as well. It’s a lovely app to stay in touch and have fun at the same time.

2. Plan And Schedule

You could take this a step further and try family organiser apps such as Square Hub, to keep the family together, happy and organised. Families can have a shared calendar, exchange messages, share photos, coordinate schedules, manage shared to-dos and tasks, organise lists, and share location. An added advantage is that it works seamlessly between Apple, Android, and Kindle Fire devices. Whether you’re a family with young children, or one with teenagers on the move, or kids away at college, or even if you’re a family living in multiple locations, this app makes it easy for everyone to stay connected!

3.  Say Cheese

A photo editing app like Instagram is just what the doctor ordered to make your day brighter. Capture your everyday moments and edit them using sophisticated creative tools and interesting filters, transforming each of your shots into unique pieces of art. The app also allows you to share these pictures on a range of social networks instantly, or else, privately as per your preference.

4.  What Was That Again? 

For those of you for whom your pregnancy brain never went away, we have the perfect solution. Google Keep allows you to record voice memos, and transcribes and stores them for you. You can also share these lists with others at the touch of a button. Your husband will never have an excuse to avoid the grocery shopping on his way back from office, as he will not only get the grocery list from this app but also a location based reminder! What’s even better is that it syncs data across all your devices so your information is always available to you!

5.  After School

If you are thinking of enrolling your child in tuition or after school activities in the neighbourhood but don’t know who to reach out to, reach out and pick up your phone. The Kleverkid app gives you access to ratings, reviews, pricing, locations, timings, payments, and other information to help you find the best programs and activities for your children in your locality.

6.  Let Me Entertain You

What’s the point of having a smart phone if it’s just for work and no play? A smart phone can offer a range of interesting entertainment options. Whether it is for you or the kids, there’s something for everyone. Apps like Dubsmash allow you and your little ones to pick famous songs and create a video by dubbing for the same. You can share your creation with your friends and family as well.  


So what are you waiting for? Download away and get smarter!