Diwali is around the corner, and your kids are doing a countdown to celebrate the biggest Indian holiday. As a parent, you must be wondering how to keep them busy when they stay home from school. If you’re looking for fun and productive ways to keep them occupied and prepare for the festival ahead, look no further.


1.  Spring Cleaning

It may be well into autumn now, but this is traditionally the time that most homes in India get a through clean up. As the story goes, Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity, who is believed to visit homes on Diwali, appreciates a neat and well kept home. Don’t miss this opportunity to get your little one to tidy up his space just as you clean up the rest of the house. It will teach him to be more responsible and think twice about messing it up in the future.

2.  Time To Recycle

Give your kids old wine bottles, paper bags, gift wrapping sheets and fairy lights, and let them use their imagination to create their own Diwali decorations. Here are some ideas to start with: They could make paper lanterns with the gift wrapping sheets; decorate the drab brown paper bags with mirrors and beads and make fancy bags that can be used to give away Diwali goodies to neighbours, family, and friends. The fairy lights could be either put inside the bottles or wrapped around them and hung at different levels to create a stunning wall piece.

3.  Candle Making

Fancy candles are a must for your drawing room on the festival of lights. This Diwali, instead of buying them, buy wax at the local hardware store and melt it to make candles of different sizes. You could add shavings of wax crayons to the melted wax to dye them in colours of your choice. Don’t forget to insert a wick as you pour the melted wax into tiny pickle jars or jam jars. Add a few drops of essential oils and bingo! You have scented candles! Your kids could also decorate these with glitter and wrap them attractively with cellophane and ribbons as gifts!

4.  Rangoli

A colourful rangoli gives your home a festive air as nothing else can. Get the kids to trace out a simple rangoli design with a stencil at the entrance to your home. They could use either rangoli powder or flowers to fill in the design as per their choice. On the eve of Diwali, decorate the rangoli with tea light candles and flowers.

5.  Whip Up Goodies

However many Diwali goodies you buy from the market, tradition decrees that at least a few be made at home. And as you make the sweets for the festive day ahead be sure to involve your kids. Allow them to shape the laddoos or gulab jamuns into balls, or decorate the barfi with dry fruits and silver vark. If they are older, encourage them to make one dish on their own, asking for your guidance when required. Apart from acquiring an additional skill, it will greatly boost their self-confidence.

6.  Homemade Cards

What is a festival without greeting cards? Give the regular store bought cards, boring email or forwarded SMS a pass this year. Get your children to make simple Diwali greetings using paints, sequins, and glitter. Even a young child can make a card by colouring with crayons within a stencil. Trust me, your family and friends will cherish and remember these creations for years to come!

Apart from adding a personal touch to the festive season, these small measures give you invaluable quality time to bond with your little ones.

So what are you waiting for? Get cracking right away and celebrate an amazing Diwali with your family.