‘Homework’ and ‘Fun’--two words that can never be part of the same sentence in a child’s vocabulary. Come evenings on schooldays, and the dreaded daily ritual starts: threatening, cajoling, or even begging the little ones to finish their daily assignments! 

Here are a few tips to transform the nightmarish daily experience into a joyful (yes, joyful!) one.


Personalised Study Zone:

Let your child pick a spot in the house where he would like to study, preferably a bright and airy one. It could be a cozy corner in his room, a bay window in the landing, or even a section of your kitchen table. Motivate the child to do up this space in a way that he likes – different coloured post-its for every subject, a poster with his study plans, new stationery etc. Once he gets involved in the process, he is bound to look forward  to sitting down and studying in that space.

A Study Schedule:

All children have their own natural rhythm--when they wish to eat or sleep, and yes, also when they wish to study. Forcing a child to do homework when she is not in a mood or when she is tired is simply no use, and more often than not, counterproductive. Instead, let her pick a time that is most comfortable for her, and make it a daily routine. It is important to ensure that the child is not disturbed in that duration so that she can concentrate and make optimal use of the time. 

Change of Scenery:

Varying the routine occasionally is always a good idea to prevent boredom. Over the weekend, pack a picnic lunch--and of course the school books--and head to a park or beach, or even your terrace, for an outdoor study session. The fresh air and change of atmosphere will pep up the child’s spirits and rejuvenate him to study.

Study Buddy:

It helps to have study buddies to keep the motivation going. Encourage your child to form friends in the neighbourhood whom he can invite over for homework sessions. They could all probably sit at the dining table where you can easily monitor them. As they do their assignments together, they will learn from each other while having fun. Finding the right tutors in Delhi NCR to help them understand the difficult stuff is also available.

Pick-me-up Snack:

Fix a light and healthy snack for your child to eat before she begins her homework or leaves for kids classes in Delhi. It could be anything, from a bowl of sprouts, to a glass of milk with multigrain cookies, or a wholesome sandwich. It should essentially be something tasty to boosther energy and mood, but not anything too heavy, which would make her sleepy.

It’s All in the Attitude:

If you have a positive attitude about homework, it will be picked up by the child. However, the minute you make it a chore, the child tunes in to your mindset and starts to dread it. So, never equate homework with punishment. 


Ultimately, all children are different and they need to figure out what works best for them. Some might need silence to work, while others might actually learn more with music playing in the background. It is best to respect their wishes and let them work in an environment that best suits their learning style. Once they realise that homework is their responsibility, you will never have to nag them about it again!