We all have bad days as parents. But, there are moments that clearly make you feel like a failure as a parent. Moments that you will remember forever as a parent! Here are six of those moments for you to reminisce.

1. Forgetting that it’s ‘Red day’ in school and your child was supposed to be dressed in red. When your child comes back from school and says that he was the only one dressed in school uniforms in his class that day.



2. When you make instant noodles as dinner for the 3rd night in a row. You know that your kids should eat food more nutritious than instant noodles or any other junk food. But, you give in to their demands for  yet another time.


3. When you hear your child swear in public and you don’t know where to hide. No matter how careful you are around your child, they have very sharp ears when it comes to adult conversations.  


4. That time you forgot to pick your child from school! Maybe you were tired or stressed. But, the phone call from your child’s school asking you to pick up your child will always be etched in your memory.


5. When your kid refuses to come home and wants to go to his friend’s home after playing outside. Makes you want to think what he hates in your home to make him want to escape.


6. When you went on a vacation to a glorious location and let your child watch their favorite cartoons all the time there.  Even worse when they fall ill on a trip you’ve been planning for ages, and you don’t have the one medicine that can make them better. Why God, Whyyyy????



Have any parenting failure moments that you’d like to share? We’d like to hear it in the comments!