When I was a child, the elders in my family frowned upon cinema as a distraction to studies. So out went the television ,and with it, my exposure to song and dance. I was the awkward girl with two left feet. I literally could not dance even if my life depended on it!

When my classmates performed traditional dance moves or gyrated to movie songs, I used to sigh wistfully from the audience. How I regret those years spent 'not dancing,'! In the light of my own deprivation, I strongly advocate that every boy and girl should learn at least one dance form, be it traditional , contemporary, Indian or western, irrespective of whether or not the child excels  at  it.  

Dance today is more than just a hobby; it is a career choice that many youngsters are pursuing seriously. Here are some attractive  career options open to your child as a professional dancer:

1. Performing Artist

Whether as part of a troupe or as an individual, there is great scope for a full-time performer. Some dancers grow beyond their role as a performer and go on to choreograph their own sequences and their own interpretations of famous stories. Be it Ballet or Bharatnatyam, the art forms have no limitations. In a way, dance is an art form that evolves and grows with the performer.

2. Choreographer

Some people are not just good at dance, but also love to teach. Such people make for great choreographers, be it for Bollywood songs, or for classical dance. The choreography is a very rewarding field and the sky is the limit for how far one can grow. From teaching in dance academies to teaching stars and celebrities, a choreographer's career is defined by how big one can dream. Think Ganesh Hegde and Shiamak Davar!

3. Ambassador

For people who learn a unique dance form that is fading from public memory, choosing to be an ambassador is a great way of promoting their passion in the world. Be it through performances, symposiums or world tours, the satisfaction of preserving a dying art form is matchless.

4. Professional Background Dancer

All those people who dance next to stars like Hrithik Roshan are not there to try their luck in Bollywood. These are people who take dance very seriously, and have chosen to make a career out of being a professional dancer. Apart from getting to work with some very illustrious people, they also have a chance to travel the world and learn dance from some of the most decorated people in the field. This job is surely for the nomads at heart.

5. Talent Scout

It takes a truly talented person to identify budding talent in others. With a huge demand for new dancers to join various troupes and companies, a talent scout does the job of identifying who is worthy of joining a particular group. Think of them as the HR guys for dance companies.

6. Studio Owner

Why dream small? With enough experience, your kid could grow up to own his/ her own dance studio. Studios usually specialize in one or two dance forms and hone the skills of other budding dancers. It is a legacy that will live on long after retirement.


So, if your child shows an inclination towards dance, don't take it lightly. Let her dance her way to success!