A parent is born when a child is born. We all have theories of parenting till we become a parent. And, then it becomes a hands-on, learn-on-the-go deal that never ends. Every day, you learn the art of parenting with your child as the teacher. There are a few things the parents can do to help themselves become great parents.


1. A great parent should be patient.

Patience and a listening ear go a long way in making you a great parent. Put down your electronic gadget and give your full attention to your child. Listen to them when they talk about their day at the school or the dance class. This helps you in keeping a track of what goes on in your child’s life and finding if your child needs any help in any areas of development.

2. A great parent is good at communication.

A friendly demeanor that promotes a healthy two-way communication is very important in good parenting. When you catch your child lying or stealing, do not explode on the spot and react to their behavior. Instead, compose yourself and talk to your child in a friendly manner and make them understand their wrong ways. This helps in building trust between the child and the parent.

3. A great parent has strong ethical values and leads by example.

Remember that you can’t nurture a great child when you aren’t great yourself. So, hold yourself to high ethical standards and do not give up your principles. Children follow their parents’ actions and not words. So, the next time you get that urge to jump a red signal at an intersection because you are running late for an appointment does not give in to the urge. If your children watch you break the rules with no fear of consequences, they are going to do the same.  Remember monkey-see; monkey-do! 

4. A great parent provides unconditional support to their child and believes in positive parenting

Encourage your child to try new things and be supportive when they meet failure. Praise them when their hard work is rewarded with success and be encouraging when they fail at something. This will teach them that success and failure are a part of growing up. This is a valuable life lesson for a parent to teach their child. 

5. A great parent trusts their child and respects them as an individual person.

Give your child the space to grow and let them test their wings. Let them learn from their experiences and remind them that you will be there when they need you. Teach them right and wrong and always be open to answering their questions when they are in doubt.


Be open to face any situation that arises in your child’s life. A good sense of humor and patience helps you navigate parenting with ease.  Anybody can become a parent. But, with these pointers, you will be on your way to becoming a great one. What’s the reward, you ask? How about a well-rounded, responsible citizen who is an example to many others?