Your child has started their academic journey and there comes a time when they have to enter the world of numbers and mathematics. You are taken back to your schooldays when you either enjoyed it or loathed it. No matter how you feel about mathematics, you would try your best to make it enjoyable for your child. Here are five ways to help your child enjoy the world of mathematics.


1.  Start numbers young: Try to find opportunities to teach them counting. Count the number of steps you are climbing with them. Count the pillars in a corridor. Counting is the first introduction to numbers for a child. So, make it interesting and enjoyable.

2.  Be in sync with the mathematics curriculum in their school: Teach them addition and subtraction with real life examples when they are learning these concepts in school. This helps in reinforcing these foundations of mathematics. Take them shopping and ask them to dole out the bill amount. Ask them to count the change.  Teach them subtraction when they share chocolates with their friends.

3.  Multiplication and division are easy to teach with real-life objects. Take them shopping and ask them to buy 3 chocolates each for their 5 friends. Watch the light bulb light up in their heads when it clicks for them that multiplication is nothing but repeated addition. The same goes for division too. Give them 20 chocolates and ask them to distribute 4 each for their 5 friends. They will understand that division is nothing but repeated subtraction.

4.  Buy an analog clock for your home and teach them to tell the time. Do not buy them a digital watch before they learn to read from an analog clock. Ask them to keep track of the schedule for their favourite program on TV. They will learn in no time.

5.  Use fun tools to teach them the mathematical concepts: LEGOs are fun things to use for learning all the fundamental concepts of mathematics like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions. There are loads of ideas online on using LEGOs for teaching.

Mathematics can be made extremely enjoyable if real life examples can be found for each concept. But remember, there is a thin line between doing and overdoing it. Do not push them to count and multiply when they are tired and cranky. Watch them for the signs. Catch them fresh and alert. Mathematics does require concentration and mental effort. So, do not discount your child’s temperament when you try to teach it.

Give them nutritious food that helps boost your child’s brain power. A well-fed body will house an active and alert mind. And, an alert mind is much needed to master mathematics. So, make sure your child eats healthy food. Do not discount the need for physical activity for your child. A good dose of physical activity along with mental stimulation is needed for a well-rounded development of your child. With your help, your child can develop a lifelong love for mathematics.