We all know that it’s an awesome feeling when our child succeeds at something. However, there are also times when our little ones fail. Although we might be disappointed and upset with their performance, it is very important to stay calm and handle the situation maturely so that the little one is able to cope with it and do better next time. Here are some pointers to help tackle your child’s academic failure.



1.    Examine The Reasons 



Go over the problem, and see what went wrong. Is the child happy at home? Are there any changes in the environment that the child is not able to come to terms with? It could be that the little one needs a little more attention from a parent, or is feeling neglected with the arrival of a sibling. Or maybe there's a problem at school. Does the child have a good relationship with his teacher? Sometimes the teacher can make all the difference to whether the student scores a bad grade or a centum. Get to the root of the problem and work at fixing it.


2.    Support Of Loved Ones



Your kids’ morale takes a hit at the time of failure. After all, they are human too—and fragile little humans at that. Stand by them and be their shoulder to lean on. This can be a bit difficult in case of older kids. In such times you need to be understanding and give them space. If your teenager has shut you out, don’t impose. Instead, ensure he has mature minded peers who can help him through the rough patch.



3.    Focus On The Positives  



Don’t keep harping on the failure, but instead, focus on the strengths of your youngster. She might have difficulty clearing a math paper in college but might be excelling at extra curricular activities. Encourage her in her areas of interest, while helping her combat the problem areas. This will keep her self-esteem intact and motivate her to grapple with her problems. Grounding her and keeping her away from the things she loves will just make the situation worse.


4.    Work On A Way Forward



Once you have identified what could have contributed to the failure, work towards finding a solution. If the problem is at home, see if you can spend more time bonding with your little one. If your child is not happy at school, look at other options as going back to the same school might not be a good idea, especially if he has to repeat a year. If the teacher is not able to give your little one enough attention in class, tuitions maybe an option. Ensure that you pick a tutor who can stimulate your child’s interest in the subject.


5.    Stepping Stone To Success 



At the end of it all, remember, failure is not the end of the world. Often, negative experiences teach us valuable lessons. Many successful people in the world were not good at academics initially. This setback is by no means a yardstick to measure your child’s success in life.


All said and done, as a parent, you have to accept the situation and move on. Do not let other family members and friends belittle your child or insult him. Stand by your kids in their hard times and take it positively, and they will thank you for it someday!