International Women’s Day is just around the corner—8th March. We all know that—right? But how many of us know WHY it is celebrated? It has been celebrated since 1911—more than a hundred years! And for the first few years it was celebrated on the last Sunday of February!

International Women’s Day honours the lives, achievements, efforts and struggles of women across the world, as well as women in the past whose will and determination made it possible for women to claim an equal status in society. Today, of course, most of us are empowered women, and cannot even imagine those days when women had the same status as slaves and animals!

But enough of history. We are women of today and we should celebrate life in its fullness as modern women and mothers. Make this a special day for yourself as well as your family, and make sure to take this opportunity to propagate the values of self-actualization in your daughters and sensitization in your sons!


Here are a few suggestions:

1. Eat What The Women Want

In most families, even today, men’s or kid’s preferences are the first priority while deciding the menu for meals. Change that on Women’s Day. Just for this day, at least, make it a rule that all the meals will be decided according to the preferences of the women in the family—grandmas, mothers, aunts, and even the little girls! Understand that you are special and claim the right to pamper yourself, and be pampered by your family. And if the menfolk volunteer (or can be persuaded) to cook or arrange for the meals, so much the better!

2. Freedom From Housework

While you are on an emancipation spree, you might as well go all the way and hand over the household chores to the daddys, grandpas and the little boys. Let them deal with it for just one day and get and idea of what you handle as a matter of course, even in these ‘modern times’! Believe me, it will give them respect for your efforts and struggles the way nothing else can—after all, only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. So, let them walk in your shoes for one day a year at least!


3. Create Mementos 

Since women’s Day is really about being inspired by women and creating sensitivity towards them, what better way to celebrate it than by creating small mementos about what it means to be a woman or to be inspired by a woman. Ask your family and your loved ones to write just one or two lines about what you mean to them. It could be in the form of a small card, or an email, or a text/WhatsApp message. Even encourage them to share with you anything that they might wish you to correct or change about yourself. After all, you love them the most in the world and want them to be happy around you! Take time yourself to think and write about the women who have played a significant role in your own life. This will make you feel truly appreciated and give you a lot of inner peace.

4. An All-Girls’ Outing

And no, Women’s Day is not just about the senti stuff. It is also about having fun and celebrating your womanhood. Plan an all-girls’ outing, either with the female members of the family, or with your sisters and friends. Go for a shopping spree or take in a movie. Have a meal together and laugh till you cry. And since the weather is great, you could even do a picnic. Yes, the kids have exams, but you could do it in the morning!

5. Join The Cause

And lastly, believe it or not, International Women’s Day is symbolic of a great cause—a great crusade, still being fought by millions of women around the world. This Women’s Day, promise to join the cause and do your bit—however little it may be—to improve the lot of the women you come in contact with. It might be in the form of extending silent support to your own mom or mother-in-law, who did not enjoy the rights you do, or doing a little bit extra for your maid servants who might be living in exploitative conditions, or even vowing to let nothing stop your little girl from being who she is and becoming what she wants to be.


So, raise your hands, women of today, and become a part of a great worldwide tradition this International Women’s Day!