Schools have reopened and exams have resurfaced in all their glory. Your teenagers are forever poring over their books, brushing up for the midterm exams, quarterly exams, pre–boards, competitive exams, and what not.

Over the last few years, the pressure on kids to attain higher and higher standards of performance has been unrelenting, especially with college admission cutoffs rising into the stratosphere. Consequently, more and more kids wish to attend coaching classes to give to an edge over their peers. For parents, this decision is a dilemma because they can't help wondering whether or not these classes are worthwhile.

Here are some pointers that help you decide.

1. Tackling Specific Problem Areas 

Specialised coaching classes are more detailed than classroom lessons, and help your child focus on his areas of difficulty. The responsibility of the teachers at coaching centres does not end with just teaching the syllabus. They also share tips on how students can manage their time and tackle problem areas better.

2.  Individual Attention 

A typical classroom in school has around 40 to 50 students and the teacher moves at a pace which might not suit a slightly slower student. However, coaching classes have fewer students and the teachers can adjust their pace according to the various students’ progress. Given the lower student-teacher ratio, teachers at coaching classes are also in a better position to observe whether or not each student is able to grasp the concepts and adapt the teaching methodology as and when required.

3.  Less Distraction

Schools have a number of distractions in order to ensure the all-round development of the students’ personalities. There are constant interruptions in the study schedule due to practices for various cultural and sports events, coaching, field trips, etc., which can wreak havoc on some children’s concentration. At the coaching centre, however, your child’s attention will be solely focused on academic development in the subjects in which he needs help, be it Maths, Physics or Chemistry.

4.  Better Preparation 

Group study is generally rated by psychologists as more effective than individual study. Coaching classes give students the right ambience to study. Meeting like-minded students, discussing relevant topics, and sharing knowledge is a huge advantage, especially for those preparing for competitive exams. It is also a confidence booster and helps them be more in touch with the ground realities of the examination scene.

5. Additional Inputs

Competitive exams frequently undergo changes in their format.  Coaching centres have the facilities to keep abreast of these changes and highly experienced faculty who design special mock tests for their students at regular intervals, to prepare them for what they could expect, so that they are not taken by surprise on the big day.

Hope we have helped you decide whether or not to enrol your child for extra coaching . However, a word.the f caution here. It is critical to do proper research before deciding upon a particular class. Make sure you check their past records and the profile of their teachers, and not go blindly by their marketing claims.

Also, remember that ultimately, coaching classes can only help bring in sharpening my the focus of the student. It is the effort and hard work of the child that actually makes a difference.