The sound is produced by vibrations. There are different ways to identify the sound, some are loud, some are soft. Have you wondered what they look like? Well, here are 5 different ways to see sound!


1. Singing Glasses

Things you will need

. Wine glasses

. Water



. Fill each glass with different amount of water.

. Hold down the stem of the glass with one hand and use the other hand to dip the index finger into the water.

. Now, using that index finger, gently press the rim of the glass and slowly rub the rim in continuous circular motion.

. Keep rubbing the rim until you hear the a pleasant sound. You just made the wine glass sing!

. With a different amount of water, you can get different tones.



  2. Moving Sugar Crystals

Things you will need

. Plastic wrap

. Colored sugar crystals

. Elastic bands

. Empty glass Bowl




. Cover the bowl with the plastic wrap and secure it with elastic bands. Make sure the plastic wrap is tight and not sagging.



Sprinkle a small amount of sugar crystals in the center of the plastic.



. Have your kid get close to the bowl and say their name, watch the sugar crystals move.


. Alter voices, make different sounds and watch the crystals jump as if they are jumping on a trampoline.



3. Balloon Amplifier


Things you will need






. Blow up the balloon.

. Hold the balloon close to your ear while tapping it lightly on the other side.

. Despite tapping lightly on the balloon, you will hear a loud noise!



4. Swinging Hanger


Things you will need


. Hanger

. Strings





. Tie the hook of the hanger to the center with a large piece of string (about 3 feet long)?



Have your kid tightly hold the end of the strings


. Have them put their hands over the openings of their ears while holding the strings.


. Let them lean over and swing the hanger, so it taps against a table or door. What do they hear?



5. Swinging Ruler


Things you will need


. Plastic ruler

. Heavy books

. Table





. Put a plastic ruler on top of a table, leaving half of the ruler out of the edge of the table.

. Put heavy books on top of the part that is on the table or you can even use your palm.

. Gently push down the end of the ruler that is outside of the table edge and let it go. Be careful not to break the ruler.


. You will see the ruler swinging up and down. Do you hear something?


. Try moving the ruler in or out of the table, so the length sticking out is different. Hear the differences in the sound as the length changes.