So, your child is interested in football and you think he has it in him to be the next Lionel Messi. However, you also know that interest and potential are not sufficient to make it big. Unless his interest becomes a passion, he will be like hundreds of other talented kids. So, what you need to do  is to encourage his interest and turn it into a passion. But how?

Here we give you five ways to nurture your child’s interest in football and develop it into a lifelong affinity for the game.

1.      Go Out In The Open And Kick Some Ball With Your Child

Take your son or daughter to a park or an open field and play a simple game of football. Make football a family weekend tradition. It’s an excellent family bonding exercise with the added bonus of keeping everyone fit. Children like to do what their parents do. Let them see you enjoy the game. They will start to enjoy it too.

2.      Keep Up A Friendly Banter At Home About Football

Let them watch football games on TV with your kids and explain the nuances of the game to them. Discuss with them why a team won or lost a particular game.  Plan the strategy for a game and organize a football match with the neighborhood kids.

3.      Find Them A Football Icon To Look Up To

It could be Messi , Ronaldo or Beckham. Remember the 1980’s and 1890’s when Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar were the inspiration for many to pursue cricket as a career or a hobby? A football icon can inspire your child to take his interest in the game to higher levels. Discuss in detail the games where the icon has done well for the team.

4.      Find A Good Sports Academy In Your City Or Town

Enroll your child in a football coaching class. A good coach is as important as your child’s interest in the game. Do your research and find a good coach in a good academy. A summer camp is a good idea if your child wants to test the waters. Be the soccer mom or soccer dad for your child. Ferry them across the town for all their practice sessions and games. Cheer for them from the sidelines. Tell them that it’s very important to have fun while playing the game.

5.      Don’t Forget To Take Care Of Their Nutritional Needs

Give them a balanced diet rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Teach them the importance of a balanced diet which goes a long way in helping them play the game to their full potential. Keep them hydrated throughout their games.

Football is a wonderful game that will teach a child about teamwork, discipline and sharing of responsibilities. In the end, do keep in mind that young children have a fickle mind and their likes and dislikes change every day. Be patient when they say that they don’t like the game. Encourage them not to give up just because they had a bad day at practice. Tell them that with regular practice they can improve their game and go on to play at higher levels.


Your child will thank you for recognizing and fostering her talent some day!