Kids these days seem to have their plates full. From the demanding rigours of the school curriculum, extracurricular activities, and tuitions to homework and preparing for tests, there barely seems to be time to breathe. As parents, we want our kids to be all-rounders, however, there are times when we question whether we are pushing them too much. Here are some tips to help children manage their time more effectively.

Let Children Figure Out Their Own Routine: 

Every child has their own rhythm which they have to figure out for themselves. Let the kids decide the schedule and you can help them improve their time management so that they do not get intimidated by the work they have to do now nor in the future. Let the kids decide what suits them best. 

Location Of The Classes:

Try and find classes and tuitions in and around your neighbourhood if possible. For example, you can look for kids' summer camp in Delhi or kids' carnival in Noida if you live in the National Capital Region(NCR).This way the kids will spend less time and energy commuting from one class to another. Keeping this in mind, we at KleverKid provide location based classes as suggestions. 

After School Clubs To The Rescue:

There is a range of after school clubs available in the school. However, it is not always possible to find the best activity for your kid inside the school. Talk to the teachers to understand more about your kid's behaviour and interests. If the school is encouraging an after school activity which your kid is interested in, choose one. If not, feel free to encourage your kid to choose a programme  which is outside of his school, but nearby. 

 Jack Of All Trades And Master Of None:

Every child has their own individuality, it’s important to respect and appreciate that. If your daughter wants to attend dance classes and not the violin classes you have planned out for her, so be it. Do not force her to do something she doesn’t have any aptitude towards. If there is one activity that they enjoy let them pursue it with all their heart, instead of dabbling in multiple activities that they have no interest in.

Optimise Weekends And Holidays:

If your kid’s routine is already packed between school and tuition, do not force more activities on the child. Keep in mind that just like you and me, they need time to unwind and relax too. Hobby classes can be planned during weekends or as summer camps during the vacation.


Every child is different and one child may be able to pack four activities into their day apart from studies and another may not. Listen to them and go to their limits. Remember, extracurriculars are meant to reduce stress, not to add to it. 


Your turn! What are your tricks to manage kids lives? Share in the comments below.