All parents of identical twins have this fear that reminds them of the movie Parent Trap. The twins getting mixed up and getting into mischief is no one’s dream come true. They develop strategies and formulae to tell the twins apart- a mole here or a freckle there. What if there are no obvious signs to differentiate the twins apart?


1. When you are home with newborn twins. The initial days go in a blur of cluster feedings and diaper changes. Middle-of-the-night feeding session might result in the same baby being fed and a poor twin wailing for milk!



2. A mischievous kid is a trouble for the parents. If you have two of them looking identical, it’s a freaky situation. You might yell at the wrong twin for the mischief. The naughty one escapes while you chew out the innocent twin.  This can go both ways, with one twin blaming the other for the mischief they did. Confusion much?



3. It’s a granny’s tale when one says all babies look the same. Identical twin babies are in a league of their own. So, when you look back at their baby pictures, you will cringe inside when you can’t tell them apart.

For all you know, Ashish is actually Ashwin!




4. When your identical twins don’t just share the looks but the voice too, even the phone calls are going to freak you out. You can never be sure who you are talking to over the phone.  



5. Like the time when they deliberately try to mess with your head pretending to be each other. How's that for a googly, dear parent?!





Parenting twins is a doubly rewarding journey- double the fun and double the troubles too! Devise strategies to tell your twins apart so that they don’t mess with your head. And, don’t feel bad if you mix them up now and then. Even better, get one of them a tattoo!