It must be difficult to realize that your blue-eyed angel baby can become Satan’s spawn at times. Kids can become real jerks when they are cranky (read hungry!). Here are 5 moments that prove kids can be pure evil.

1. Remember the time when your kid wanted you to break the cookie into two halves and you did. And, do you remember them asking you to put the two halves back together to make a whole cookie again? If this is not evil, then what else is?



2. Any mom can relate to this moment when she sits to have her cold and soggy meal and her kid wants to go for a potty break. There must be some radar going off inside the kid’s head that signals them to take a potty break right when the tired and hungry mommy is trying to have a meal.

Kiddo – 1| Mommy – 0



3. If you have more than one child at home, you will nod your head for this. Classic sibling rivalry! There will always be one slow eater in the siblings who will taunt the other with their uneaten chocolate.  The same sibling who enjoys provoking the other into tears.



4. Have you ever noticed how your child wants that glass of water urgently exactly when you land for some peaceful sleep?



5. Remember when you wanted the earth to part and take you inside because your child called your favorite aunt who is on the plump side a ‘fatso’. Also, these little monsters always have a way of asking the most uncomfortable questions in public, preferably in the loudest voice imaginable!




When was the last time your children made you want to tear your hair out and run away? Remember the last time they embarrassed you in public? If yes, do share it with us. After all, misery loves company. Doesn’t it?