The most astounding news that has left the football world in a state of surprise, shock and denial is the alleged retirement of Lionel Messi from Argentina’s National Team. Messi has often been praised as the, “greatest soccer player ever” and he has also been compared to football legends like Muhammad Ali, Babe Ruth, and Michael Jordon. However, after the startling 4-2 defeat against Chile, Messi claims that football as a career is over for him.

There are so many things that we can learn from one of the best players, there is. Some of those values that we can teach our kids today, are: 

1. Determination:

At a young age, Lionel Messi was diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency and his family couldn’t afford his treatment. However, this daunting aspect never stopped him from becoming a renowned legend and a good person. Messi was determined and that’s the reason why he could convert his adversity into his biggest strength.

2. Perseverance


Even the most difficult situations and challenging injuries did not stop Messi from managing to win the prestigious Ballon d’Or award at a young age of 20. His perseverance in his chosen field made him achieve the unprecedented four times. Today, he is idolised as an individual and loved as a player. The sky was the limit for this lad. 

3. Humility

Unlike most football players the limelight has had no effect on Messi. He is still quite the same person he was before he became famous. He treats all people equally and consequently, is one of the most loved players there is. 

4. Passion

Messi never stopped striving for the best. This drive and this hunger for perfection and more importantly for success led towards success. Despite having one of the most successful careers, Messi was always grounded but driven.

Messi explains, “The awards are fine. I’m grateful, of course. But, deep down, you [journalists, public] care more about it, you’re always asking is this player is better than the other one. Xavi or Iniesta? Who knows? My good luck is having landed in this Barça, full of amazing players. They’ve given me everything: the awards, the titles, the goals, everything. This is a team that already made history for everything we won. I’m lucky to play here and play for Argentina, where I have amazing footballers by my side. That’s the most important thing. The team makes me better, for sure. Without the help of my teammates, I would be nothing, I wouldn’t win anything. No titles, no awards, nothing.”

5. Hard work 

Messi talks about the amount of hard work which was actually involved towards making him a legend. He sleeps late and gets up early and it took him seventeen years and one hundred fourteen days to become what many would term as an “overnight success”.  

Messi is an amalgamation of all these factors: determination, humility, perseverance, hard work and passion for his game. All this combined with his unique skill set and talent for the game led Messi into becoming a legend, someone we all look up to. 


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About the author:

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