Have you ever seen a kid do something and thought to yourself.. wish I could do that! Sigh!  As adults we tend to take life a bit too seriously and forget to have fun in the process. Here are 5 things that kids do that even the parents also should try!


1. Eat without guilt!  Have you ever seen a child eat a slice of pie and then say.. “OMG!! That’s gonna end up on my hips forever!!”? Associating food with guilt is something we developed as adults. Time to stop this unnecessary emotion associated with food. So, what if you ate an extra slice of pie? It’s all good!


2. Sing and dance with abandon! We have all enjoyed the song and dance ‘performances’ that our children put up for us. They don’t care if they are singing in or out of tune.  They do it for themselves. As adults, we don’t do things for ourselves often. So, find your ‘me-time’ and do things for yourself now and then. Go and get that pedicure you’ve been wanting. Or go on that trek you’ve wanted to go. Or just dance aimlessly. Call it a mental health vacation!


3. Enjoy the physical activities! Kids enjoy the physical activities they indulge in. They don’t need to be told to exercise. They just do it. The grown-ups can learn from the kids to enjoy physical activities and have fun at it. Stop thinking of your exercises as a chore and find a few activities you like and do them regularly. Half-an-hour of shuttle badminton or swimming will rejuvenate you like nothing else.


4. Be curious! Any parent will vouch for the endless curiosity of their child. The zillion questions that they throw at us- we were also once curious children. So, when did our curiosity die? When was the last time you learnt a new hobby? A new language? Time to get the brain cells active! Follow your child and learn something new every day.


5. Make new friends! Have you seen how a child makes new friends so effortlessly? A child is open to accept any other child as a friend. As adults we make more acquaintances than friends. Our social circle narrows as we age. So, the next time you see your neighbor in the lift, smile and say a hi. Make small talk with them. You might find a new friend in them.



There is a child hidden in all of us. It’s fun to indulge the inner child now and then to feel young at heart. Follow your child’s cues and your inner child will be happy.