Being the eldest among the siblings is a serious job and almost all the firstborns will agree with this. Since you have the advantage of a few years on you than the rest of the siblings, here are a few reasons why the firstborns are smarter than the younger ones.


1. Research has shown that elder children are intelligent and have higher I.Q than the younger siblings. Seriously! All the years of learning from one’s own mistakes pay, huh?!


2. You know how to do anything right and your younger siblings are always trying to copy your act. They spend their entire life trying to one-up you.


 3. You become responsible for your younger siblings as your parents do away with baby sitters. You learn valuable life lessons on people management skills through your younger siblings.


4. Nothing escapes your view and you know all the secrets of your siblings. You use their secrets to getting things done by your siblings. You are like the know-it-all and your siblings defer to you.


5. You reach all the milestones earlier only by virtue of being elder by years. So whatever your younger siblings do after has already been done by you!