There are kids who can’t wait for their Physical Education period at school, and there are also those who just dread it. Well, I belonged to the second category until a new teacher took the extra effort to recognise my skills, and direct me towards sports that would best suit my capabilities. Physical activity is essential for children in their growing years, for them to be well balanced. This is especially relevant in today’s age, where screen time becomes more than time outdoors. Read on to learn more about how physical activity benefits your child.

Physical development

Children have boundless energy and taking up a sport is a good way to channelise this. Playing sports regularly increase your child’s stamina and improves reflexes. Further, it also helps them develop motor skills and improve their sense of balance and co-ordination. Good co-ordination is vital in developing other life skills such as learning to swim or cycle.

Stimulate the brain

Physical activity increases blood flow to the brain, thereby making it sharper. Sportspersons generally have better hand-eye coordination and motor skills than the average human being. This, in turn, improves their kinesthetic intelligence in the long run. This was probably the reason the Greeks valued the statement, “a sound mind in a sound body.” We are not fully alive until we tap our body’s intelligence.

Strengthen bones and muscles

Before beginning any game, there are generally warm-ups involved. Doing push-ups, sit-ups, lunges and squats help build muscles. Also sports like gymnastics and even tug of war further improve muscle building. Sports like tennis, basketball, and volleyball are great for developing your children’s bones. These physical activities make bones grow and help them get stronger.

Maintain good health

Sports can be strenuous but fun at the same time. Playing a match can be exhausting but exhilarating at the same time. Physical activity also helps your children keep weight in check and shed any extra kilos that they might have gained binging on junk food. It is an amazing way to stay fit and healthy lifelong. Sports are said to be good for the heart too.

Self-confidence and social skills

In this age of stiff competition, just physical growth is not sufficient, and children need to be balanced mentally, emotionally and know how to deal with people as well. Every sport that your child plays will give him an opportunity to make a new set of friends. This interaction will develop his social skills. As he meets new people and mingles with them, he will learn to appreciate other people and their differences.


Despite all your efforts, if you child still doesn’t show enthusiasm towards sports. Do not fret. Direct them instead to other physical activities like dance, aerobics or Zumba. There is no dearth of options these days. Check Kleverkid right away to find the perfect activities, close to home, for your child!