At Kleverkid, we started out with one idea in mind- every kid deserves the best of everything there is on offer, and what better way to put parents in touch with good classes around them than by taking into account feedback from other like-minded parents? 

Over time, we honed the idea further and decided to contribute to the development of another kid in need through our #ILearnIGive program. Through this program, not only will you get a discount on every class you book with us, a part of your payment goes to provide for an underprivileged kid. Here’s a few more great reasons to choose Kleverkid!


1. Sheer Variety:  At Kleverkid, we know what kids are like- they just love to try new things all the time. No two kids have similar interests, which is why we have classes ranging from art and sports to dance, music, gymnastics and many more options to choose from.

2. We’re Parent Approved:  We have curated programs based on experiences of moms and dads just like you, who have the best interests of their children at heart. Take a look at our parent testimonials and you’ll see why people always pick Kleverkid when they’re looking out for new classes and programs in their neighbourhood.

3. We Have A Great Blog:  We know what parenting is like- sometimes smooth and sometimes bumpy, but very fulfilling. Our blog section brings to you tips and advice on everything from the right nutrition to talking to your kids about difficult issues. What’s more, they’re written by other parents like you, so we’re always on the same page. Even better, some of our articles can make you laugh on a rather bad day.

4. We’re Listening:  We always keep our ears open and alert for your feedback. You can chat with us on the website, write to us or call us about any concerns you may have regarding a particular class. We take child safety seriously and that’s why we’re always ready to listen to your mommy instinct.

5. We’re One Of A Kind:  The internet has revolutionized learning. From virtual classes to courses you can take online, everything is at your fingertips. In this scenario, we’ve built a space just for kids to discover more about the classes in their area- classes that are genuine and add value. Moreover, we’ve put the remote control in your hands- like it or hate it, your opinion and rating will reflect on the website. In the virtual age, we’re keeping things personal.


Obsessed as we are with Kleverkid, we could probably go on and on about why you should pick us. But if you’re here, you’ve already made up your mind, haven’t you? 

Get in touch with us and let’s find the best class for your little one.