If popular telly culture is anything to go by, the best way for dads and kids to bond is over a game. Watching a cricket match, I have often observed, has brought my dad and his father closer to each other than anything else. In other countries, with organized little league games, coaching young kids in different sports is a serious business. They have weekly playoffs and the coach dads are rated based on several parameters. Here are a few reasons why dads make the best sports coaches ever!


1.    They’re Sporting

Be it a jibe at the workplace, or a harmless joke from a friend, men are known to take it in their stride and maybe even join in the joke. Men, it would seem, have trouble taking offense since they generally have macro focus and are less likely to take things personally. This is a great trait to have when coaching kids—they teach them that winning and losing is secondary and playing with honour is what is important.


2.    They’re Gentle With Discipline


Very rarely will you see a father in today’s times who is harsh with his children. The metrosexual male is also a very mellow dad. They simply cannot hand out criticism harshly. In the early stages, when the child is learning a game, this is the best approach. Sensitive kids will take harsh criticism to heart and may stop playing altogether.


3.    It’s Great For Bonding


As I mentioned earlier, there’s something about sports that brings people together—maybe it is the solidarity of supporting the same team, or all the food they get to munch away on while watching the game. Playing a game is even better. Don’t be surprised if you soon see your kid confiding in his/ her father about every single thing.


4.    Dads Are More Involved


How many times have you seen the husband itching to go in and join the game as he sees kids playing? Maybe our hunter-gatherer instincts make men feel the need to be in the middle of the action all the time. This also means that they can understand the nuances of the game and help their kids with tips and tricks.


5.    They Find Satisfaction In Coaching


For most men, coaching kids in sports is a way of moving up the ladder with their kids, and see them turning from amateurs to professionals. This is very satisfying, because their life has a purpose beyond the work routine. Over time, this hobby could turn into a full time gig.



There you have it! We’d like to make a special mention of all the moms who themselves excel at sports and coach their kids—you’re doing a splendid job! But if you’re like me and can’t stand the constant hitting of a ball with a bat, leave it to the fathers!