Each one of us is born creative, whether or not we realize it. However, in many social circles and families, giving vent to creativity is actually frowned upon because they believe that it distracts one from one’s goals and ‘things that really matter’. Well, here’s news for them:

Studies find that people who practice creativity stay healthier, live longer, are more outgoing, have higher moral standards, are more optimistic, and are actually likely to be both happier and more successful in life.

This is because engaging in creative pursuits makes us more dynamic, observant, confident, cooperative, flexible and courageous. In other words, actively creative people are more resilient and more connected to the world. They live much fuller lives and have much more fun.

1.    Greater Satisfaction and Motivation

Creativity is its own reward. Any creative act—be it art, some kind of craft, dance, music, writing, or acts of household utility like decorating, cooking or gardening—unleashes a sense of joy and fulfilment. Kids who practice creative pursuits are less likely to be found glued to the television, phone or digital games, as the passive brand of excitement these media provide can never equal the thrill of creating something themselves. Having a creative outlet is not only deeply satisfying, but also motivates them to be enthusiastic about life and excel and whatever they do.

2.    Right Brain Development And A Balanced Approach

As a child explores her creative potential, her right brain, which controls creative activity and thinking, comes into play, whereas those who do not practice any kind of creative activity are largely left-brained. With the development of the right brain through creative pursuits, the child’s brain develops in a much more balanced manner It also enhances the development of fine motor skills as well as brain-eye-hand coordination. Further, creativity is a form of meditation, with its attendant benefits of de-stressing, deepening the thinking process and developing a balanced approach towards everything in life.

3.    Innovation And Enhanced Problem Solving Abilities

A creative child is an innovative child. Not only the artists and performers, but all the scientists who made new discoveries have been creative people, who dared to challenge their boundaries and thought out of the box. Encouraging your child’s creative bent will help him find newer approaches to various tasks and even help him in his studies. And also remember, obstacles and challenges throughout life are inevitable, but if your child has the habit of creative thinking, he will continue to learn new, resourceful ways of solving his problems and lead a more fulfilled life.

4.    Increased Self Realization And Confidence

As a child engages in creative activities, she explores her inner talents, challenges her boundaries, and gains greater awareness of her own thoughts, beliefs, strengths and shortcomings. In addition, creativity engenders empathy and the ability to look at things from other’s eyes, thus helping the child to build better relationships. 

Thus, the child learns to make the most of her gifts, successfully handle the people around her and to deal realistically with failures. Thus, not only does she become more self-aware, but also more self-assured and confident.

5.    Attitude For Success

It follows, therefore, that a creative child has a far greater likelihood of making a success of whatever he sets his hand to, than a child who is made to suppress his creativity and pursue his studies to the exclusion of all else. Think about it—a child who is innovative, empathetic, confident, dynamic and self aware is a sure-fire contender for success in whatever he chooses to do.

So, encourage your kids’ creativity, and see them blossom into worthwhile, joyful people who are successfully able to deal with all kinds of challenges and celebrate life to its fullest.