Looking for a perfect activity class for your child and getting anxious over it? Here are five phases a parent goes through while selecting that perfect activity class for their child.


1. Confusion phase!! The summer vacation is starting and you don’t want your child glued to the idiot box for two full months. You are desperately searching for a perfect activity class for your child and are overwhelmed by the choice available to you.



2. The PI phase! You start your research and find out about all the classes that go on in your neighborhood. You find out where your neighbor’s kid and his cousins go for classes.


3. The ping-pong phase! You turn to your child for their inputs and all of a sudden your son wants to become a roller-skating drummer boy with karate moves. Or your daughter wants to become a prancing ballerina on tennis shoes while singing Hindustani Aalaap!


4. The ‘whatever’ phase! This is when you decide to chuck your research findings and decide to go with those classes which are close to your home with timings that suit your daily routine. You realize it’s not easy to be a soccer mom or dad.



5. The parent’s remorse phase! After your child has started a few activity classes, you realize that they are better off doing a different activity or your child just doesn’t enjoy the activity you have selected.




No matter what you go through, an extra-curricular activity is any day better that idling in front of the TV. So, find a few activities for your child to learn this summer and they will thank you later.