To kids, a paper plate is more than a dish for serving food. It is the beginning of all kinds of craft projects like these. There are great ideas for cleaning out your odds and ends of craft materials or for a fun activity for the next kids party. 

Here are 5 Simple paper plate crafts for you to make and with which you could decorate your house walls:


Things you will need:


1. Paper Plates (white or colored)

2. Paint

3. Colored Paper

4. Paint

5. Sketch Pens

6. Cotton

7. Googly Eyes

8. Glue/ Fevicol

9. Scissors

10.Decorative materials - glitter, sequins


*You might need some help from your parents.

*Be careful with sharp edges and objects!

1. Animals - Lamb or Sheep


1. Take lots of cotton and stick them onto the paper plate with glue.

2. Then make its legs, face and ears with colored paper.

3. You can make its eyes, nose and mouth with sketch pen or even glue googly eyes on the face.

4. Or you could even cut two white circles and make smaller black circles inside them for its eyes.

5. You can make the face of any animal - dog, cat, lion, giraffe, birds, insects etc. or monsters or aliens with the help of the paper plate! So go ahead and be creative!

6. Hang them on your wall or make masks out of them!

2. Rainbow


1. You can keep the plate whole or cut the paper plate in half.

2. Glue the colored long strips where you cut the paper plate in half.?

The 7 colors of the rainbow are:

V- Violet

I- Indigo

B- Blue

G- Green

Y- Yellow

O- Orange

R- Red


You can glue any color if there isn’t any of these colors available and  glue them however you want! It’s your choice!

    3. Now, glue cotton on the whole front side plate.

    4. And now you have a cloud dripping rainbow colours!

    5. You can even glue a string on the top so you can hang it on the wall!



You could also,

1. Cut the paper plate in a rainbow shape.

2. Paint it in the seven colors of the rainbow.

3. Glue cotton at its two ends to make it look like clouds.

4. And now you have a rainbow with clouds!

5. You can attach a string to hang it or tape it on the wall.

6. Fishes


1. If you have white paper plates then you can paint them any color you want.

2. You can cut a small triangle for its mouth.

. Take the small triangle which you cut and glue or tape it to the back of plate. It should be placed at the other end of the mouth.

. Or you could just leave it as it is and cut a triangle from another plate for the tail of the fish.

. Now you can make it’s eye and/or mouth with sketch pen.

. You can go ahead and decorate it however you like! You can put bows, hats, flowers, glitter, sequins and draw designs on them.

. Make as many as you’d like and put them on your wall!

4. Flower Wreath



1. Cut the inner circle of the paper plate.


2. Put leaves and flowers on the left out paper plate (outer circle)

3. Make it as beautiful as you want with your decorative items.

4. Hang it with a string.


5. Spaceship or UFO




1. Glue two paper plates together

2. Decorate it however you want with your decorative materials.

3. You can:

   - Wrap it with aluminium foil or paint it in whichever color you would like

   -Add an alien trapped inside a plastic cup on top of the spaceship

   -cut the smaller circle of the paper plate and add an outer space view.