Not too many years ago, a child missing school was the stuff of moms’ nightmares -- calling up other parents to cover missed schoolwork, and literally begging, borrowing or stealing other kids’ notebooks to photocopy notes and lesson plans for their little ones. This was also the time when enrolling a child in a hobby class meant obsequiously asking the ‘Know-it-all Aunties’ for advice (and feeling like a clueless idiot), or looking up notice boards at the supermarket and jotting down numbers from posters nailed on to trees. And ultimately, you flipped a coin and put your child in a class without any first-hand feedback or review.

Not anymore! The times have changed and today’s moms can access all this information with just a tap of a finger. As in almost every other area today, mobile apps have seriously made life easier for the modern mom with school-going kids.

Here is a list of apps that will help you plan and manage your child’s activities, both within the school and outside.


Assignment Manager

The Assignment Manager app helps a student keep track of assignments, classes, and deadlines. Your child can get see the assignments that are close to due date, those that are passed their deadline, and also mark off ones that are completed. Colour coding helps in getting all the information at just a glance. To help your little one stay organized and on top of the class, download now.

Class Assignments

The Class Assignments app is a one stop solution to manage a child’s assignments in school. This is an app which needs to be used in close association with the teacher. Students can track and download school assignments and submit them as well as per the due dates specified. There is also a tab to go over past assignments as and when required.

Extracurricular Schedule

Extracurricular Schedule app is a godsend for parents whose children are actively involved in extracurricular activities. It helps organize your kid’s daily schedule. After-school activities can be reviewed at just a glance and modified when needed. Notes on particular activities and images can also be added.

Child Health and Development

Parenting website, Parentune, has recently launched a mobile app. Parents can now access data relevant to their child’s age at the touch of a button. From discussions with other parents to information on children’s health, nutrition, and development--this wonder app offers parenting support on the go!

Afterschool Activities

Let’s face it. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. So, if you are looking for an app to guide you on activities outside of school, look no further. Kleverkid has launched an app to give you information on the best coaches, trainers, tutors, and teachers for kids. This simple app gives you ratings, reviews, pricing, locations, timings, payments, and other information to help you find the best programs and activities for your children in your vicinity.

Your fingers must be itching to give these apps a try by now. Go on, download them and organize your life with ease. Yes, the times they are a-changing, so make the best of it!