So the exams are over and schools are closed for Christmas break. The kids are constantly bored and looking for something new to do. Well, here’s an idea—visit your nearest DVD parlor and rent these movies, or download them off the net, and have a movie marathon with the kids. Not only will they be kept occupied, but the movies listed below will also ring in the festive spirit.

1.       Home Alone

I’m sure every child growing up in the 90’s would have seen either this movie or its sequels. An 8-year-old is left behind at home by accident by his large family, during Christmas vacation. He finds himself in a position where he has to defend and protect both himself and the house, from a pair of burglars during the holiday season. We sure did enjoy giggling at Kevin’s silly tricks and his ingenuity, and I’m sure our kids will too.

2.       The Polar Express

The story revolves around a boy who doubts the existence of Santa. On Christmas Eve, he boards a train named Polar Express, headed to the North Pole, to discover the truth. A magical journey filled with adventure awaits him, and teaches him friendship, bravery and above all, to celebrate the spirit of Christmas. What could be a better way to introduce your kids to the magic that is Christmas?

3.       Jingle All The Way

Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, this movie is about a workaholic father, who completely forgets to buy his son’s Christmas present and tries to make it up to him. On Christmas Eve, he’s seen running across town trying to buy the hottest toy of the season, Turbo Man, that he has promised to his son. In the midst of all the craziness, his eyes are opened to the true meaning of Christmas.

4.       The Santa Clause

Single Dad Tim Allen has custody of his son during Christmas Eve. A series of events lead him to being transported to the North Pole, where he hears he will be the next Santa Claus. Although he dismisses the entire episode as a dream, over the next year, he gains a lot of weight and grows an unexplained white beard. Ultimately, he realizes, that the North Pole incident was probably real and he gets cracking on being the next Santa.

5.       Elf

On the lines of Tarzan, this is a movie about a toddler, Buddy, who is accidentally transported to the North Pole, and grows up among Elves. As an adult, he feels he doesn’t fit in, and travels to New York in search of his roots. The story goes onto to show how he finally finds his biological father, a pessimistic business man, and builds a relationship with him. Through his childlike innocence, Buddy spreads Christmas cheer amongst all around him.


So what are you waiting for? Grab the popcorn, cuddle up on the sofa, and enjoy these movies with your family!