Every mom remembers the day she brought home her baby and felt that the life as she knew it is over. A baby brings an overhaul in our lives and the initial days are spent struggling to find a routine. So, here is a routine day of a mom with a young child at home.


1. You don't get any off-day. You have to be always ‘ON’. Saturdays and Sundays don’t make any difference in your life anymore. You see your husband sleeping in on a Sunday. But, you have to be up and about at ungodly hours because your child will wake up hungry.




2. Cold and soggy meals. When was the last time you had a hot meal on time? An energetic kid at home means meals-on-the-go for dear mommy.  On the rare occurrence when you sit down to have a nice meal, your child needs a potty break.



3. Your restroom breaks is when your child needs you the most. All your restroom breaks are accompanied by a running commentary and you discuss life’s philosophies with your child while perched on your throne.



4. Playtime at the neighborhood park. This is more for you than for your child. You love to go to the park just so that you can socialize with the other mothers in your neighborhood. Gossiping with your mommy-friends is your guilty pleasure. Admit it.



5. Booboos that go away with kisses. Playtime always results in someone getting hurt. You feel like a superwoman when you can make those painful booboos go away with just a kiss.




No matter how your routine day goes, there is no shortage of interesting moments in the life of a mom. Know that for one person, you’ll always be a superhero. Even when they’re big, they’ll always call your heart home.